In healthcare talent management,
you need to
keep the right people longer.

In today’s market, healthcare hiring takes a lot of time and money, so you need to do all you can to keep talent at your organization.

1 out of 3new employees leaves their job within the first 6 months

Up to $8.1 millionthe annual cost of RN turnover

89.1%of organizations see retention as key, but only 36.4% have a formal strategy

To maintain your organization and the quality of care you provide, you need to keep your employees engaged and be sure they are set up for success:

  • Align goals so everyone can clearly see their contributions and role
  • Use behavioral assessments to inform succession planning and lateral moves
  • Motivate employees with real-time feedback and recognition
  • Provide training and development for professional growth
  • Lay out career paths for top performers

Our Continuum of Care Solutions

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You need the software, services, and data that will support your employee engagement and performance strategies and help you keep the right people longer:

  • A performance management system that is easy for both managers and employees to use — one that is integrated with other performance tools to give you a single source of truth for your workforce
  • An at-a-glance view of how each of your employees are performing
  • A learning management system to help you assign and track training and development
  • The ability to provide and record real-time feedback on employees
  • Scientifically validated behavioral assessments that help you identify career paths and succession plans
  • A system to develop your people

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