Learn how our talent management solutions are helping our customers transform recruiting, performance, and learning to improve the patient/resident experience.


  • Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System
    After participating in The Recruiter Academy and adopting Lean recruiting practices, Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center recruiters are able to stay on top of their open positions, attract top candidates, and build stronger relationships with hiring managers.
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  • Presbyterian SeniorCare
    Using Position Manager, Presbyterian SeniorCare has significantly improved the recruiting process for both its employees and applicants, is able to efficiently manage job applications, in addition to positioning itself as a cutting-edge employer.
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  • Exeter Hospital
    Exeter Hospital switched their applicant tracking system back to Position Manager and improved their hiring and onboarding processes, has managers that are happier and more productive, in addition to seamless integration with Lawson.
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  • Seton Medical Center
    Position Manager allowed Seton Medical Center (part of LHP Hospital Group) to quickly hire more than 300 experienced and talented employees in time for the launch of their new facility and they now consider HealthcareSource as a strategic partner and part of their long-term strategy for all hospitals in their system.
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  • Tomah Memorial Hospital
    Tomah Memorial Hospital gained efficiencies in its HR department, streamlined the hiring and performance review process and is now empowered to recruit and retain the best workforce with the full suite of talent management solutions from HealthcareSource.
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  • Schervier Nursing Care Center(Part of Bon Secours Health System)
    Position Manager completely changed the way this skilled nursing facility finds and hires new talent. By automating applicant tracking, they now have increased efficiency, greater visibility into the hiring process, improved manager and candidate satisfaction, faster onboarding, and more.
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  • Indiana University Health
    IU Health transformed its hiring process, reduced its time-to-fill, and lowered first year turnover rate by using the combination of Position Manager and Staff Assessment and Leadership Assessment.
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  • Healthcare Facilities Switch to Position Manager
    Oakwood Healthcare System, Aspirus Health System, and Memorial Health System switched applicant tracking systems to Position Manager to improve their entire recruitment process.
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  • Enterprise Healthcare Providers Turn to HealthcareSource
    Learn how Position Manager helps large healthcare organizations manage talent acquisition across the enterprise.
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  • Beaumont Hospitals
    Beaumont Hospitals efficiently screens candidates with Position Manager for applicant tracking and Staff Assessment for behavioral-based pre-employment assessment.
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Behavioral Assessments

  • CSIG Holding Company
    Learn how CSIG effectively assesses and develops its employees using Staff and Leadership Assessment and how the behavioral competencies align with CSIG’s culture and values.
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  • Kingman Regional Medical Center
    KRMC chose Reference Assessment to automate their reference checking process resulting in reduced reference response time from 1 week to 24-48 hours, decreased time-to-fill by 7 days, as well as receiving higher quality references.
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  • Wilson Memorial Hospital and Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital
    Learn how Reference Assessment automates the reference checking process and helps hospitals gain better insight into candidates' references to make better hiring decisions.
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