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Department: Behavioral Health
Schedule: Full time
Job Details:
  • Bachelors degree is required
  • Excellent driving record and reliable vehicle required
  • Valid driver’s license

    Newly opened position for our Claremont, NH clinic

    One Year PositionTo Start July 1, 2013

    The  Health Mentor Specialist position works with the In SHAPE program at West Central Behavioral Health. The position reports to the Team Leader or the In SHAPE Manager and is responsible for assisting In SHAPE members to develop and implement their personal wellness program.   Provides support and education related to physical fitness, nutrition, and wellness.  Encourages by example. Assists in training of volunteer mentors and other mentors as needed.  Provides group activity instruction.  Works independently without regular supervision in community settings alone with consumers or leading group activities. Participates in dissemination process to bring In SHAPE to other communities.

    • Provides community based support services to insure implementation of client’s health goals.
      1. Manages a caseload of clients to establish and implement individual SHAPE plans.
      2. Works collaboratively with clients, program staff and the In SHAPE Director to design and support individual member plans.
      3. Provides training, monitoring continued reassessment of exercise, nutrition and healthcare commitments.
      4. Facilitates peer relationships among participants.
      5. Actively participates in activities with members when support is needed.
      6. Helps members maintain focus on personal goals.
      7. Encourages member participation and movement along the continuum of wellness related lifestyle changes.
      8. Administers fitness assessments as needed and records data.
      9. Shares member participation and progress other than, or in addition to fitness assessments with In SHAPE Manager to assist in documentation for project outcomes.
      10. Assumes responsibility for tracking and documenting member participation in activities.
    •  Works with clients, volunteers and community partners to increase client independence in self-care and community integration.

    1.      Attends quarterly recognition events.

    2.      Assists in facilitation of team building activities at monthly events

    3.      Provides instruction and facilitation for group activities

    4.      Works with clients to identify and establish wellness support system outside of In SHAPE program

    5.      Assists in the supervision of volunteer mentors

    6.      Assists In SHAPE manager in facilitating transition of participants to volunteer mentors.


    • Assists In SHAPE manager and other organizations in designing dissemination plan to bring In SHAPE program to other communities.
    1. Participate in team consultations with other agencies seeking to implement In SHAPE.
    2. Contribute to creation of manuals, videos, and web based training materials.
    3. Participate in presentations to promote In SHAPE to a variety of organizations.

     Detailed Work Activities:
       -Communicating with Persons Outside Organization
       -Communicating with Supervisors, Peers, or Subordinates
       -Developing Objectives and Strategies

    Tasks include:

       -Monitor, evaluate, and record client progress with respect to treatment goals.

    The following knowledge is required:



    NOTE: Personal Trainer Certification and BA in mental health related field required. Agency will assist the right applicant in obtaining their personal trainer certificate.


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