Lean Human Capital Recruitment Benchmark Data

Using data to measure your talent acquisition performance

Understand Your Performance

Lean Human Capital by HealthcareSource employs a comprehensive, data-driven methodology spanning six key dimensions of recruitment performance that encompass more than 400 different metrics. This data is the actionable foundation for RecruitX, the consulting offering that helps transform and optimize recruitment operations.

However, some organizations have more accelerated timetables or have not established the internal consensus to transform their recruitment operations. In those situations, Lean Human Capital offers a lighter weight, “express” offering — the Core Recruiting Benchmark Solution. Leveraging the same technology platform and portal as Lean Human Capital Talent Insights, this cloud-based solution allows you to easily enter 40 data points — a significant subset of the more comprehensive benchmark — and see 22 metrics that address the performance dimensions of:

  • Quality of Hire – as measured in new hire turnover
  • Responsiveness – as measured with different time to fill metrics
  • Productivity – defined through vacancy rates, positions filled, and openings per recruiter
  • Efficiency – ratio of applications, applications routed to hiring manager, and offers to the number of positions filled.

Upon validation, your data is visually displayed within the portal so you can see your KPIs and how they compare to industry norms. The benchmark solution also includes a Personal Advisory Call with Lean Human Capital experts, to discuss your results, answer any questions you may have, and propose prospective plans of action for your consideration.