Improve the Learning Experience

Throughout the year, healthcare employees are required to take many different types of training to comply with regulatory and accreditation requirements. Making the learning experience as pleasant as possible increases the likelihood that staff will complete their assignments.

Online learning has proven to be an effective way to enhance the learning experience:

  • With online learning, training becomes an employee-driven process

    Online courses paired with a learning management system empower staff to sign up for education at times that will work best with their schedules. This increases employee satisfaction, as well as course completion rates.

  • All learning can be obtained from a single point of access

    The best learning management systems allow healthcare organizations to integrate online courses from many different vendors. This allows employees to access all their training from one system, simplifies the education process, and lowers the barriers to course completion.

  • The experience is enhanced for the learning and development team, as well

    Online courses can be quickly assigned to employees through a learning management system. If new, urgent training topics arise, it’s easy to roll courses out to all staff.

By adopting HealthcareSource eLearning Library and NetLearning, organizations have made the staff education process more efficient and increased the amount of time that employees spend delivering quality patient care.