Reduce Education Costs

Providing staff members in healthcare organizations with adequate training can be expensive. Mandatory education requirements in healthcare abound and it’s common for employees to work in multiple locations. Classroom training is costly in terms of employee time, as well as paying instructors. Keeping track of education records can also be time consuming for learning and development teams.

Online learning is a proven way to reduce the expense associated with employee education:

  • Flexible learning management systems enable organizations to leverage training from different sources

    The best solutions allow healthcare organizations to build their own online courses, as well as link to other vendors’ education.

  • Online courses reduce the costs associated with classroom training

    This form of education eliminates the need to conduct in-person training each year for all employees. In addition, longer courses can be broken up into modules so staff can take classes at their convenience, in manageable chunks.

  • Administering education requires less effort for the learning and development team

    Learning management systems that allow assignment of courses by staff type or role automates the process of ensuring that staff receive the education that suits their job requirements. In addition, reports can be generated quickly to ensure that employees have complied with training assignments.

After adopting HealthcareSource eLearning Library and NetLearning, many organizations have seen a measurable reduction in their training costs. To learn how one healthcare organization delivers staff education and reduced their training costs, read the Rice Memorial Hospital customer profile.