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With decades of talent management experience, HealthcareSource understands that hospitals and providers need to build a quality workforce that provides quality care. And that means hiring the right people faster, keeping the right people longer, and growing your people for your organization’s future.

The demands on healthcare systems are increasing while talent is getting harder to find and harder to keep:

30%of critical positions in hospitals go unfilled for 4 months

35+ millionhospital admissions annually

1 out of 3employees leaves a job within the first 6 months

The only way for hospitals and providers to rise above these challenges is with a holistic, integrated approach to talent management.

Hire-Keep-Grow: Employee engagement and retention rates impact recruiters’ workload and employer brand. Compensation, benefits, and opportunities for growth and advancement impact retention and the ability to attract quality talent. Hiring the right people impacts your ability to retain and grow future leaders.

Bringing together all the talent management functions will allow you to impact your organization’s bottom line by lowering costs, improving patient outcomes, and impacting HCAHPS scores.

The HealthcareSource Way to Quality Talent Management

the right people faster. the right people longer. your own future talent.

You need the software, services, and data that will support an integrated talent management strategy.

The HealthcareSource Quality Talent SuiteSM works together to help you build a quality workforce that will grow with your organization. We offer the only healthcare-specific talent management platform of its kind.