To build a Patient-Centered Workforce® you need to engage learners across your entire health system.

HealthcareSource NetLearning® is a healthcare learning management system. It transforms learning by giving you complete control over planning, delivering, and tracking education across your whole health system, meaning easier compliance with education staff development.


  • Create blended learning curricula
  • Allocate key educational resources, rooms, equipment
  • Develop blended learning using tools of your choice


  • Deliver the right curriculum at the right time
  • HealthcareSource NetCompetency® and HealthcareSource eLearning LibrarySM integration
  • Increase revenue with eCommerce


  • Track enrollment and completions
  • Obtain online compliance reports
  • Be prepared for on-site audits from TJC, OSHA, CMS, and more
  • Track all your education, including instructor led classes and eLearning

What This Means for You

NetLearning gives you complete control to plan courses, blended curricula, and training resources. It automates the process of assigning courses to ensure you deliver the right courses to the right people at the right time. Healthcare education reports make it easy to comply with The Joint Commission, CMS, OSHA, or whoever needs to audit your education program.

With NetLearning you can:

Transform Learning Across Your Whole Organization

Your Challenges

Learning is a critical component of improving staff performance and improving the patient experience. Nearly 70% of healthcare employees are required to maintain various certifications. Healthcare organizations must meet multiple standards from certifying bodies like, The Joint Commission, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the U.S. Organization of Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), and others.

Organizations are also concerned with patient and resident safety and improved outcomes and use these goals to drive performance of individuals providing patient and resident care. When it comes to learning and development, organizations are faced with various challenges such as:

  • Ensuring employees get the appropriate assignments
  • Time-consuming process of managing class enrollments and attendance
  • Generating reports for surveys and audits

Our Solution Helps You

NetLearning focuses on helping healthcare organizations with their learning and competency management. It ensures your staff gets the training they need, when they need it and helps you:

What Our Customers Say

Read our customer profiles: Schneck Medical Center, Huntsville Hospital, and Great Plains Regional Medical Center to learn the success these organizations are experiencing using NetLearning.