Learning Management Systems Ensure Education Compliance

Healthcare organizations are faced with numerous mandatory training requirements ranging from accreditation to patient privacy, clinical licensures, certifications, and more. Staying current with compliance requires vigilance, as well as careful record keeping.

Organizations that have implemented learning management systems have found that the technology plays a central role in improving compliance and contributing to better patient care.

Here are just a few of the benefits that a learning management system can provide:

  • Tracking employee participation in mandatory education is easy

    When learning management is automated, managers and employees can easily access curriculum assessments and completion reports online.

  • It’s possible to respond efficiently to audits and surveys

    During a Joint Commission survey, organizations must have compliance and competency data on file for all employees. Learning management systems enable hospital staff to quickly print education and training related records for specific employees and specific ranges of dates.

  • Organizations can avoid non-compliance penalties

    Learning management systems simplify the process of training all employees on important topics. As a result, these solutions are a good insurance policy against corrective actions and fines related to regulations like HIPAA.

HealthcareSource NetLearning is a proven way for healthcare organizations to ensure education compliance among their staff. To learn more, download our white paper: 5 Ways a Learning Management System Can Improve Compliance for Healthcare Organizations.