To build a Patient-Centered Workforce® you need to validate the critical competencies that ensure patient safety and satisfaction.

HealthcareSource NetCompetency® is a paperless system for managing staff’s required skills. Integrated with NetLearning®, our learning management system,  it transforms competency checks by enabling your staff and managers to collaborate on validation methods. Designed in collaboration with Donna Wright, author of The Ultimate Guide to Competency Assessment in Healthcare, NetCompetency helps organizations implement an efficient and meaningful competency program that satisfies your compliance requirements.


  • Library of 1,500+ competencies, 8,700+ skills
  • Assign the right competencies to the right employees


  • In-person and online validation methods
  • Collect employee submitted evidence
  • Manage a more effective process to validate required skills


  • Online reports and reminders
  • Identify competency gaps in new hires and experienced employees
  • Easy access to outstanding and completed assignments

What This Means for You

NetCompetency gives you a complete solution to define, validate, and track competencies across your organization. This means less time and money spent on paper, and more time focused on managing competencies required for delivering a great patient experience.

With NetCompetency you can:

  • Comply with accreditation audits easily
  • Improve employee satisfaction through combined education and assessments
  • Improve staff performance through precise assessments management
  • Reduce possibility of “Never” events

Manage Meaningful Competency Assessments

Your Challenges

Healthcare organizations share common struggles of using paper to manage competency assessments. When it comes to managing competencies, organizations are faced with various challenges such as:

  • Maintaining a consistent competency assessment program designed for your organization
  • Confirming all employees complete their competency assessments on time, every year
  • Ensuring healthcare professionals know what competency assessments they need to complete and when they need to complete them

Our Solution Helps You

NetCompetency® is a competency management software solution that enables you to automate and document the competency assessment process. Developed in collaboration with Donna Wright, author of The Ultimate Guide to Competency Assessment in Healthcare, NetCompetency gives you the tools to put a more meaningful process in place and helps you:

What Our Customers Say

Read our customer profiles: Schneck Medical Center and Great Plains Regional Medical Center to learn the success these organizations are experiencing using Net Competency.