Validate Job Skills

Healthcare organizations must regularly validate their employees’ job skills to comply with audits and to ensure that patients receive the best care possible. Validating these skills on time, however, can be a struggle for administrators and employees alike. Competency management software can help by defining, validating, and tracking competencies across the entire organization.

Consider the benefits of validating job skills through an automated competency management process:

  • Multiple ways for assessing required skills can be defined

    With diverse job skills, it’s impossible to use one single means of assessment. A competency management system should allow organizations to define a variety of validation methods, ranging from direct observation to demonstration, verbalization, and employee provided evidence.

  • Employees have access to links to relevant courseware

    One of the unique aspects of competency management system is that they can offer employees links to courseware that is relevant to specific job skills. This enables staff to augment and strengthen their knowledge.

  • Managers and employees have one central place to go for skill validation information

    A competency management solution provides supervisors and staff with one place to find out when skills must be validated, as well as how they must be validated.

HealthcareSource NetCompetency provides a holistic approach for defining and achieving competency requirements. To learn more about how NetCompetency can help your organization validate job skills, download the NetCompetency Solution Overview: Define, Validate, and Track Competencies in Your Organization Management.