Improve Staff Performance

Improving staff performance is a multi-faceted challenge. Managers need insight into which employees must demonstrate key skills and competencies, while employees need access to the training required to validate their knowledge. Competency management solutions can address both sides of the staff performance equation.

Consider the benefits of adopting competency management software:

  • Competency and learning management are integrated

    The best competency management solutions are closely integrated with learning management, so it’s easy for employees to immediately access the education resources they need to demonstrate work-related skills.

  • Managers have visibility into which employees have already demonstrated competencies

    Supervisors need a quick, easy way to identify who has met their competency requirements and who needs follow up. Competency management software offers an easily navigable way to obtain this information and ensure that staff performance is at optimal levels.

  • Employees always know where they stand

    Competency management solutions allow staff to monitor status related to education requirements. A user-friendly system increases the likelihood that employees will fulfill their assignments and demonstrate the necessary competencies.

HealthcareSource NetCompetency provides a comprehensive system for improving staff performance through better competency management. To learn more, view the Southwestern Vermont Medical Center customer video.