Saving on Training Costs

Training is essential for keeping healthcare employees proficient in the skills required for quality patient care. However, the inescapable truth is that training can be costly. Classroom trainers are expensive and there is a cost to the organization when employees are taken away from direct patient care to attend courses.

Learning management systems can alleviate these issues in several ways:

  • Online courses can be taken 24/7, at employees’ convenience

    Many organizations that adopt learning management systems enjoy the ability to offer online courses. These increase employee satisfaction because courses can be taken where and when employees prefer.

  • Learning management systems reduce the cost associated with classroom courses

    Online courses deliver consistent content to employees without the expense of trainers. Although some courses will always need to be delivered face-to-face, it makes economic sense to move certain training content to an online mode.

  • Learning management systems extend the reach of the training function

    With technology, it’s easy to track all employee education in one place and manage training across the entire employee population. Learning management systems also reduce the administrative burden associated with training. Course credits can be recorded online and submitted electronically to regulatory agencies.

After adopting HealthcareSource NetLearning, many organizations have seen a measurable reduction in their training costs. To learn how one organization accomplished this, read the Wilson Medical Center customer profile.