To build a Patient-Centered WorkforceTM you need employees who are engaged and committed to patient satisfaction.

HealthcareSource Performance Manager® software is a paperless methodology for managing healthcare appraisals, job descriptions, skills, goals, and succession planning. You’ll transform your employee-manager relations by clearly communicating expectations and results — supporting your culture of accountability.


  • Ensure job description sign-off on day one
  • Set SMART goals tied to pillars of excellence
  • Create onboarding checklists


  • Automate appraisals
  • Offer 360 feedback reviews
  • Manage skills checklists
  • Track certifications and licenses


  • Provide development goals
  • Give consistent feedback
  • Simplify the merit cycle
  • Promote continuous improvement
  • Enhance succession planning

What This Means for You

With Performance Manager software, the healthcare performance management process is simplified by automating the workflow and content for performance appraisals, 360 feedback reviews, job descriptions, skills, goals, succession planning, and performance reporting. Nothing ever gets lost in a paper shuffle because everything is online — meaning no more excuses and higher completion rates.

Performance Manager helps you: