Hold Employees Accountable

Accountability is essential for quality healthcare. When employees feel accountable, it’s possible for organizations to unlock the full potential of their staff and become the healthcare provider of choice for patients and employees. In the absence of accountability, however, organizations often experience low employee morale. This can lead to reduced productivity and even worse, poor patient care.

Implementing an automated performance management system can help create a culture of accountability in the following ways:

  • Employees feel accountable when they are responsible for organizational goals

    Performance management systems enable managers to clearly link employee performance goals with broader organizational goals.

  • Employees must be held accountable for their actions and behaviors

    This includes positive behaviors, as well as those that need course correction. Automated performance management systems make it easy for managers to recognize employees for outstanding work, as well as to document instances where employees needed coaching.

  • Incorporating service standards into all aspects of performance management can help

    When service standards are woven into job descriptions and performance evaluations, expectations are front and center for employees. This makes accountability a more natural part of employees’ daily lives.

HealthcareSource Performance Manager helps organizations of all sizes integrate accountability into the day-to-day routines of employees at all levels. To learn more, download our white paper: Establishing a Culture of Employee Accountability in Healthcare.