Automate to Improve HR Productivity

Manual recruiting processes can be a major burden for the HR teams’ productivity levels. Filing and forwarding resumes, dealing with candidate assessments, and coordinating interviews consume hours of valuable time that could be spent on more critical aspects of the hiring process, such as phone screens and in-person interviews.

At every stage of the hiring process, automated applicant tracking systems reduce the time needed to find the best candidates. A recent study of HealthcareSource Position Manager customers found that 95% of organizations experienced productivity gains in Human Resources. Organizations saved an average of six hours per week per human resource user.

Applicant tracking systems improve HR productivity in several ways:

  • Improved collaboration

    Since applications are sent electronically to managers, it eliminates the chance that paperwork will be lost or mislaid. In addition, members of the hiring team can share notes and documents online.

  • More coordinated processes

    With a single, integrated hiring system, multiple recruiters can collaborate on objectives without duplicating effort.

  • Reduced administrative burden

    Tactical steps in the hiring process, like ending offer or rejection letters and guiding candidates through the process, are automated. As a result, the HR team can spend less time responding to applications or answering inquiries.

  • Faster reporting

    Reports on recruiting effectiveness are generated quickly. HealthcareSource Position Manager customers experience time savings ranging from a few hours a month to a couple of days per month.

Selecting the right applicant tracking system is the first step towards attaining these types of productivity improvements. To learn more about how to find the best solution for your needs, download our white paper: 7 Questions for Selecting the Right Applicant Tracking System.