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HealthcareSource Recruitment OptimizationSM by Lean Human Capital is a set of services that takes a comprehensive look at your current recruitment process, educates teams, and helps you implement proven industry best practices to improve recruiting and achieve strategic goals across your healthcare organization.

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AHA EndorsementRecruitment Optimization services from HealthcareSource have earned the exclusive endorsement of the American Hospital Association (AHA).


  • Develop the practices and competencies of elite recruiters
  • Learn how to source, attract, and engage top talent
  • Benchmark against healthcare industry averages and top performers


  • Analyze recruitment processes, structures, and strategies
  • Assess recruiting customer satisfaction
  • Quantify performance through metrics


  • Engage in concentrated consultations
  • Focus on improving specific problem areas
  • Participate in deep-dive analysis with industry experts
  • Develop plans for improvement

What This Means for You

Recruitment Optimization is designed to provide a comprehensive analysis and ultimately improve your organization's recruiting function. Lean Human Capital's three pronged approach, The Recruiter Academy, RECRUITx, and TALENTx, analyzes all aspects of recruiting across your healthcare organization, develops your employees' knowledge base and recruiting competencies, and helps you implement custom recruitment strategies based on your organizational priorities and challenges. We provide healthcare industry best practices, tools, intelligence, and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Our Recruitment Optimization services help you to:

  • Use real data — your data — to understand your talent acquisition performance
  • Reduce cost of vacancy and time-to-fill by migrating to a just-in-time hiring methodology
  • Turn hiring managers and candidates into "Raving Fans" by creating customer-centric recruiting processes
  • Reduce waste and costs associated with an inefficient recruitment process
  • Quantify the recruitment organization's ROI, utilizing advanced predictive analytics
  • Transform from good to "elite" through The Recruiter Academy Certified Healthcare Recruiter Program