HealthcareSource for
Senior Living & Post-Acute Care

The world of senior living and post-acute care poses unique talent management challenges for care providers, and HealthcareSource recognizes and meets those challenges. By providing a talent management solution designed exclusively for the senior living industry, HealthcareSource can help senior care providers hire the right people faster, keep the right people longer, and grow the right people to become the future of their organization.

Post-acute care isn't about curing an illness or treating a condition — rather, it's about helping individuals maintain an optimal quality of life. To do that, senior care providers need a special type of caregiver — one that is getting harder to find and even harder to keep.

8+ millionreceive post-acute care annually

2Xmore people will need post-acute services over the next 50 years

50%turnover rate among direct care staff

Senior living and post-acute care represents the fastest growing segment of the fastest growing industry in the country. With this growth comes unique talent management challenges, and providers need the right plan (and tools) to address them.

Hire-Keep-Grow: Evaluating candidates for cultural fit makes them more likely to stay once hired. Engaging current employees' makes you a more attractive employer and can improve retention. Assessing your employees clinical and behavioral skills can help you identify career paths and reduce your number of hard-to-fill positions.

The HealthcareSource Way to Quality Talent Management

the right people faster. the right people longer. your own future talent.

HealthcareSource Senior Living & Post-Acute Care provides an all-in-one platform to help you hire, keep, and grow the right people for your organization. As the only talent management platform specifically focused on senior care, every component has been tailor-made for your unique challenges.

The HealthcareSource Way

End-to-End Hiring Solution: From posting jobs to extending the employment offer, our end-to-end hiring solution walks you through every step of the process. Post your open positions to the most popular job boards in the industry, and then sort and rank your applicants by best fit for the role. Once you’ve made your selection, extend a job offer to your chosen candidate with one click.

Scientifically Validated Behavioral Assessments: You don’t have to wait for the job interview to learn more about your applicants. Job seekers filling out your online application also fill out assessments that measure job knowledge and judgment.

Structured Interview Guide: Don’t know what to say? With the structured interview guide, you get a quantitative method for scoring your interviews, as well as follow-up questions automatically generated based on your applicant’s assessment answers.

Onboarding: You’ve made your selections; now it’s time to bring them on board. With our onboarding platform, new employees fill out all of their onboarding paperwork online, allowing them to dive into their new position on the first day rather than spending hours filling out forms.

Retain Employees with Roster: Do more with the most valuable asset you have — your people. The ultimate employee retention tool, Roster allows you to create and curate an electronic employee record that starts with the application process and goes through the entire employee lifecycle. With Roster, you can create a powerful employee referral network and career paths within your organization, easily send communications to all employees, and instantly access any form for any employee in seconds.