Utilize Behavioral Assessments to Identify Potential Leaders

Behavioral assessments offer a scientific way to identify promising leaders among external candidates, as well as among existing employees. Assessments provide a systematic approach for gauging whether individuals have the competencies needed to be a successful healthcare leader.

Consider the benefits of incorporating behavioral assessments into your leadership recruiting processes:

  • Interviews are more effective when they probe a candidate‚Äôs strengths and areas of concern

    Leadership assessments are valuable because they identify specific areas that should be explored during interviews. The best behavioral assessment products generate an interview guide with behavioral-based questions tailored for each candidate.

  • Leadership requires a distinctive skill set

    People who are good leaders exhibit a certain set of competencies. Organizations need a consistent way of evaluating whether candidates have the skills needed to succeed in a healthcare leadership position.

  • Budding leaders may already be on staff, but more information is often needed about where they need further development

    Behavioral assessment solutions should provide development reports that coach incumbent leaders, rank their strengths in different competency areas, and provide prescriptive activities to help individuals fulfill their leadership potential.

HealthcareSource Leadership AssessmentSM provides the tools and resources needed to find leaders who will set organizational direction, create alignment, and maintain commitment among their teams. To learn more about how assessments can help your organization, view our webinar replay: Identifying Leaders to Impact the Patient Experience.