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Contingent talent management is a business of minutes, and you need to decrease your time-to-fill to drive revenue. At HealthcareSource, we know that the only way to accomplish this is to become more efficient where it matters most: order intake, compliance validation, payroll and billing, and retention. It’s a lot to handle, but success can be found with a Hire-Keep-Grow mentality.

Talent demand in healthcare is exploding, as is the industry’s reliance on contingent workforces:

2.5Xemployment growth in healthcare vs. overall employment

$147 billionthe size of staffing industry after projected 4% growth in 2018

40%of healthcare roles will be filled by contingent talent by 2020

The only way for a staffing agency to support growing demand amongst healthcare organizations is through an integrated approach to contingent talent management.

Hire-Keep-Grow: You need to attract and engage quality talent if you want to make quality placements. You need to properly vet and assess your talent to build sustainable pipelines and support client and candidate retention. You need to handle the basics of benefits and payroll for the talent you place, while also providing career development to keep them marketable for future assignments.

The only way for a staffing agency to support growing demand amongst hospitals, providers, and senior living facilities, is through an integrated approach to contingent talent management.

The HealthcareSource Way to Quality Talent Management

the right people faster. the right people longer. your own future talent.

You need the right combination of software, services, and data that will support an integrated contingent talent management strategy. HealthcareSource Contingent Talent ManagementSM offers a single solution for contingent staffing agencies to operate their entire business from onboarding to invoicing. And it’s the only contingent talent management solution of its kind, specifically built for the healthcare industry.

  • Quality talent leads to quality placements. HealthcareSource bolsters your ability to attract and retain top talent by helping you post your jobs in the right place and gives you powerful tools for vetting candidates' credentials, competencies, and regulatory compliance.
  • By combining HealthcareSource's competency, compliance and credential validation tools with healthcare-focused behavioral and leadership assessments, you can present your clients with the most complete snapshot of a potential hire's abilities — leading to better placements and retention rates for both clients and freelancers.
  • HealthcareSource lets staffing agencies takes a holistic approach to contingent talent management, providing the tech you need to handle complicated systems like benefits and payroll, as well as giving talent access to tools like career mapping, an eLearning library and more.