To deal with the challenges in today’s healthcare environment, you need to build a workforce that’s focused on providing the best possible care — a Patient-Centered Workforce. Highly-engaged, motivated people who always strive for excellence individually and within teams. Our Quality Talent SuiteSM is made up of software, service, content, and analytics that will help you build, engage, and retain a Patient-Centered Workforce.

Patient-Centered Workforce with Quality Talent Suite


  • Select an engaged, accountable workforce for clinical and non-clinical roles
  • Align candidate and workforce assessments with behaviors that impact patient satisfaction, such as customer-focus
  • Develop recruitment best practices with Lean principles to reduce waste and increase value


  • Select performance metrics based on 360 feedback, licensure, job descriptions and more
  • Align salaries with a competitive compensation philosophy for all roles: union, non-union, clinical, and non-clinical
  • Develop and identify high-potentials by assessing healthcare leadership competencies


  • Select engaging professional development opportunities for front line staff and leadership
  • Align L&D best practices with staff, leadership, physician and community learning needs
  • Develop and validate critical competencies that drive safety and compliance

Build a Patient-Centered Workforce Through Talent Management Best Practices

Your Challenges

Every healthcare organization has the same goal — great patient and resident experience. The key to achieving this goal is an engaged and competent workforce.

Nothing is more important than finding, developing, and keeping the right employees. Employees who understand where they fit in, why it's important, and what they need to do. Employees who have not only the technical competencies, but the behavioral competencies, and the structure and processes to support them.

Our Solutions Help You

HealthcareSource is the only vendor that brings together software, service, content, and analytics designed to help healthcare organizations build a workforce of highly-engaged people and teams who always endeavor to provide patient-centered care. Here's a look at the HealthcareSource Quality Talent SuiteSM.

  • Position ManagerApplicant tracking and onboarding
  • Recruitment MarketingModern recruiting and sourcing technology
  • Recruitment OptimizationRecruitment best practices and analytics
  • Staff AssessmentBehavioral assessments and structured interview guides
  • Leadership AssessmentBehavioral leadership assessments and development plans
  • Performance ManagerOnline employee appraisals, goals, skills, and succession planning
  • Reference AssessmentAutomated reference checking and behavioral science
  • NetLearningLearning management system and online education and development
  • Contingent Talent ManagementContingent staff placement and management
  • CompensationMerit and bonus cycle planning and management
  • NetCompetencyOnline competency management solution
  • eLearning Library5,500 clinical continuing education, compliance, and skills development modules
  • Senior Living • Post-AcuteHiring software for senior care providers