Improve Patient Experience

Patient experience plays an important role in positive patient outcomes and healthcare organizations are well aware that patient outcomes are tied directly to the bottom line. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), for example, looks at quality care and patient satisfaction measures to determine reimbursement rates for providers.

Recruiting, hiring, and retaining employees who are engaged and committed to person-centered care isn’t easy, but it’s one of the best ways to improve the patient experience. In each phase of the employee lifecycle, steps can be taken to find staff who care about delivering quality care:

  • Look for candidates who will fit with the culture and have energy and enthusiasm.

    Behavioral assessments and behavioral based interviews are a great way to evaluate applicants based on competencies and soft skills that are tied to a positive patient experience.

  • Ask references about candidates’ integrity and customer focus.

    Consider asking references whether they would trust an applicant to care for one of their loved ones. Reference assessment software for Healthcare organizations can provide a thorough and accurate picture of candidates.

  • Implement processes that give employees clear feedback about on the job performance.

    Highly engaged employees have measurable goals that show how their performance drives success for patients and the organization at large. Performance management software can help convey clear feedback and guidance related to employee goals.

Th HealthcareSource Quality Talent SuiteSM helps you recruit and retain the best talent, it is designed specifically to assist healthcare organizations find the best candidates, while simultaneously providing better service to hiring managers. Learn more about techniques for improving the experience for your customers, download our ebooklet: The Quest for Person-Centered Care: 3 Ways HR Processes Support Planetree® Designation Designation.