Boost HCAHPS Scores

The Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems survey (HCAHPS) is a central part of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ (CMS) Value Based Purchasing Program (VBP). Since VPB encourages hospitals through financial incentives to provide high quality care and increase patient satisfaction, finding ways to boost HCAHPS scores is important to a healthcare organization’s bottom line.

In healthcare, patient-centered care cannot be delivered without employees who are committed to quality and to ensuring that patient expectations are exceeded. Technology can play a central role in helping healthcare organizations hire, develop, and retain the best performers and impact HCAHPS scores:

  • Behavioral assessment solutions

    Help organizations select candidates whose values are in alignment with the hospital’s goals for patient-centered excellence. Identifying the best applicants is essential, since healthcare organizations can’t teach compassion, adaptability, flexibility, motivation or accountability.

  • Learning management systems

    Empower employees with the education needed to fully understand all aspects of patient satisfaction, which is at the heart of your health organization.

  • Performance management systems

    Create the structure necessary to encourage, enhance, HCAHPS scores or enable employees to be accountable. Employees and managers should conduct regular performance appraisals and communicate clearly and are fully aware of their responsibilities and how they relate to HCAHPS.

    Performance management systems also reinforce the importance of customer service through regular performance evaluations. It is also important to capture feedback during the appraisal process and to ensure that performance appraisals are linked to HCAHPS goals, such as customer service.

With the growing emphasis on patient satisfaction, healthcare organizations need tools and technology to help them improve the patient experience. The HealthcareSource Quality Talent SuiteSM provides organizations with the tools and processes necessary to deliver quality care, improve patient satisfaction and outcomes, and enhance HCAHPS scores.

To learn more about how to recruit and retain employees who are committed to patient-centered care — Download our white paper: HCAHPS and the Bottom Line: 5 Ways to Improve Scores Through Talent and Learning Management.