Recruit and Retain the Best Healthcare Talent

The keys to recruiting the best healthcare staff are quality and speed — finding qualified candidates and then quickly determining if they are the right fit for your organization. Often the process is frustrating and time consuming for both the candidates and your internal hiring team, but it doesn’t have to be.

Healthcare talent management software facilitates the three steps required for effective recruiting:

  • Attract

    Healthcare applicant tracking systems play a central role in attracting the desired candidates. By automating the process, hiring managers spend more time on personal interactions with candidates and listen to what really matters to applicants. Attracting the right candidate for your organization can help with employee retention and improve employee satisfaction.

  • Assess

    Behavioral assessments provide validated, predictive information about candidates. That means that healthcare organizations are more likely to find individuals with the traits, behaviors, and values needed to perform well in their unique cultures. Unlike resumes, interviews, or background checks, behavioral assessment results accurately predict performance and provide objective information for evaluating candidates.

  • Select

    When assessment results are coupled with customized interview guides, hiring managers can engage applicants in meaningful conversations and determine the best fit. Applicant tracking systems facilitate communication so HR and hiring managers speeding up the process and allowing them to see where the candidate is in the hiring process.

The HealthcareSource Quality Talent SuiteSM helps you recruit and retain the best talent, it is designed specifically to assist healthcare organizations find the best candidates, while simultaneously providing better service to hiring managers. To learn how recruiting technology can improve employee selection and retention,  download our white paper: Becoming a Best Place to Work Organization: Recruiting & Retention Strategies for Healthcare.