HealthcareSource User Groups (HUGs) are designed to cultivate relationships with local HealthcareSource users. Groups meet throughout the year and use the online community resources to continue conversations started at in-person meetings.

Local User Group


  • Build Your Brand — Share your expertise and make a name for yourself in the local healthcare HR community
  • Networking — Expand your network of other local HealthcareSource customers — share your knowledge and learn from their experiences
  • Agenda Development — Guide the conversation and set the agenda to meet your needs and the needs of other local customers
  • Product Input — Suggest product enhancements to your Customer Success Manager as a result of roundtable discussions at meetings

Start a HUG in Your Area

  • Email us at or let your Customer Success Manager know you are interested
  • HealthcareSource will determine the best geographic area to include in your HUG and will reach out to other customers in that region on your behalf
  • You will be provided with a $1,500 annual grant to get started — this can also help to facilitate your initial kick-off meeting (promotion, food & beverage etc.)
  • HealthcareSource will provide you with an online platform to invite and engage other local customers
  • In conjunction with HealthcareSource staff, you will develop the agenda for the first meeting (you know best!)
  • HealthcareSource staff will attend your first event to answer questions and provide insight

Join One of Our Existing Local HUGs

Arizona HUG

California HUG

Colorado HUG


Indiana HUG

Michigan HUG



Ohio HUG

Wisconsin HUG

Attend an Upcoming HUG

  • NY / NJ / PA HUG Spring Meeting
    Kennedy Health – Washington Township, NJ
    March 31, 2017
  • Ohio HUG Annual Meeting
    Trinity Health System – Steubenville, OH
    May 5, 2017
  • Minnesota HUG Annual Meeting
    Lakewood Health System – Staples, MN
    June 15, 2017

Interested or have questions about a HealthcareSource User Group? Email us at: