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Every healthcare organization has the same goal—great patient and resident experience. The key to achieving this goal is an engaged and competent workforce.

Nothing is more important than finding, developing, and keeping the right employees. Employees who understand where they fit in, why it's important, and what they need to do. Employees who have not only the technical competencies, but the behavioral competencies, and the structure and processes to support them.

Talent Management

Our talent management software helps you

Transforming talent management results in a more aligned, engaged, and competent workforce, which directly improves the patient and resident experience. To achieve this goal—healthcare organizations need HealthcareSource.

We are the only vendor that brings together the healthcare software, services, and expertise focused on improving patient experience by transforming recruiting, performance, and learning across your organization.

The HealthcareSource Quality Talent SuiteSM helps you to:

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