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Employee performance has a direct impact on patient safety. Without a systematic method to ensure that employees understand and meet their performance goals and maintain competencies, organizations put themselves at risk—risk of non-compliance with The Joint Commission, risk of increased turnover, and lower quality of care. When it comes to managing employee performance, organizations are faced with various challenges such us:

  • Manual time-consuming processes
  • Outdated job descriptions
  • Late, incomplete, or missing employee performance appraisals
  • No HR visibility to compliance
  • Lack of alignment of employees to organizational goals

Our solution helps you

HealthcareSource Performance Manager® software simplifies the healthcare performance management process by automating the workflow and content for performance appraisals, job descriptions, competencies, performance reporting, and helps you:

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What our customers say

Meadville Medical Center, Pen Bay Health Care, and Union Hospital are just a few of the healthcare organizations using Performance Manager.


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