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Employee performance has a direct impact on patient safety. Without a systematic method to ensure that employees understand and meet their performance goals and maintain competencies, organizations put themselves at risk—risk of non-compliance with The Joint Commission, risk of increased turnover, and lower quality of care. When it comes to employee appraisal management, organizations are faced with various challenges such us:

  • Manual time-consuming processes
  • Outdated job descriptions
  • Late, incomplete, or missing employee performance appraisals
  • No HR visibility to compliance
  • Lack of alignment of employees to organizational goals
  • Worksheet based compensation management that is not-timely, secure, or accurate

Our solutions help you

HealthcareSource Performance Manager® simplifies the healthcare employee performance management process by automating the workflow and content for performance appraisals, job descriptions, skills, goals, succession planning, and performance reporting.

HealthcareSource CompensationSM  enforces budget guidelines and constraints on managers’ compensation adjustments during the annual performance appraisal, ensuring a consistent, accurate, and on-time compensation cycle.

HealthcareSource Pay DataSM powered by PayFactors allows you to create and manage your pay scopes, benchmark and market-price jobs, analyze data against your internal populations, and publish and share your projects – all through indirect access to hundreds of best-in-class, industry-specific compensation surveys. 

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