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Department: Sports - 001
Schedule: Full Time
Shift: Evenings
Hours: 2p-1030p
Salary Range: Associate: $11.50-$12.94
Job Details:
  • High School/GED
  • The Associate Tissue Processing Tech position at RTI represents an entry level function.  Associates will develop technical skills in their assigned areas, an understanding of the rules and regulations that RTI administers, and the basic operating approach at RTI including: reading, understanding, and following work instructions; working in a team environment; and learning to work with minimal supervision.

    The Tissue Processing Tech 2 position at RTI requires proficiency in at least two relevant processing Competencies.  Level 2 Technicians will continue to develop technical skills in their assigned areas, further their growth as team contributors, and begin using their experience and technical abilities to demonstrate leadership characteristics.

    The Tissue Processing Tech 3 position requires proficiency in at least 2 relevant processing competencies and complete understanding of RTI operation, policy and procedures.  Individuals in this position should have well developed team and leadership skills, and they are expected to show a strong commitment to quality and continuous improvement.

    The Tissue Processing Tech 4 position requires proficiency of at least 3 relevant processing competencies (preferably multiple weighted competencies) and complete understanding of RTI operation, policy and procedures.  Individuals in this position are expected to show a strong commitment to quality and continuous improvement, and a willingness and ability to perform as both leaders and strong team players in their workgroups.

    The Expert Tissue Processing Tech role at RTI is a senior processing professional who has developed excellent skills in key processing areas and has shown leadership capabilities and superior results in processing yields, quality and productivity. The position requires hands on experience and proficiency (or mastery) of several of RTI’s tissue processing competencies including one or more of RTI’s most complicated processes.


    ·         Tissue Processing, Sterilization, Packaging, Inspection, and/or Labeling

    o    Performs tissue processing activities that produce the highest level of quality and yield outcomes in accordance with applicable Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Work Instructions (WIs).

    o    Responsible for accurately processing tissue products and meeting production schedules.

    o    Works safely, dons appropriate PPE, and applies excellent aseptic techniques in a clean room / controlled environment performing individual tasks or contributing to a team effort.

    o    Understands requirements to properly dispose hazardous and non-hazardous waste.  

    o    Accurately completes paperwork and performs data entry in accordance with Good Documentation Practices.

    o    Stores and moves tissue in appropriate locations to ensure accurate inventories of tissue in-process

    o    Performs cycle count activities in accordance with SOP’s.

    o    Assists in the review and update of SOP’s, work instructions and procedures

    o    Technical expert of tissue processing in learned competencies and advisor for colleagues and engineers in areas of tissue processing techniques and improvement opportunities

    ·         Teamwork

    o    Ability to work in a team environment, exhibits a positive work attitude and respects fellow employees

    o    Ability to solve problems with problem solving techniques

    o    Participates in team meetings

    o    Actively participates in and complies with five pillar program

    o    Understands and takes responsibility for customers upstream and downstream of his/her activities

    o    Identifies and facilitates continuous improvement efforts in the areas of: quality, safety, yield, compliance, cycle time, and waste reduction.

    o    Participate in continuous improvement activities in team meetings and other formal and informal settings.

    o    Performs training for other employees that result in positive or improved performance by the trainee.

    o    Acts as an example and leader for other employees in the workgroup to grow and develop in their technical and team building skills

    ·         Personal Results

    o    Follows assigned priorities from manager or supervisor

    o    Ability to work with minimal supervision in a processing environment

    o    Understands and complies with safety requirements

    o    Performs duties while meeting all applicable internal, federal and state quality requirements and regulations

    o    Participates in periodic performance reviews on a timely basis

    o    Displays proficiency (preferably mastery) in multiple RTI tissue processing competencies (preferably multiple weighted competencies)

    o    Performs duties to support key annual performance metrics for operations


    ·         HS diploma or equivalent required


    ·         General knowledge of anatomy

    ·         Ability to read, write and follow detailed procedures, written instructions and verbal instructions

    ·         Basic math skills: ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide

    ·         Proficient in Microsoft Windows environment including Word, Excel and Internet, email, etc.

    ·         Good organization skills and personal accountability

    ·         Possesses detailed product knowledge relevant to value stream

    ·         Understands the corporate strategies of RTI Biologics

    ·         Proven excellence and mastery of tissue processing competencies

    ·         Proven ability to train others to become proficient processors


    Engagement/Commitment – Demonstrate high levels of commitment to and connection with RTI Biologic’s goals, objectives and related priorities.

    ·         Motivated: gives an extra effort to accomplish tasks well and on time.  Participates in activities and meetings that impact the work group and RTI Biologics

    ·         Demonstrates commitment to the best interests of the work group and RTI Biologics

    ·         Maintains flexibility and commitment in the face of change or new direction

    ·         Personal and organizational values and practices are aligned

    ·         Helps to foster engagement of fellow employees

    Professionalism/Integrity – Exhibit a consistent level of professionalism, good judgment, and integrity in all situations.

    ·         Demonstrates a positive attitude and pride in work

    ·         Works independently, but knows when to ask for assistance or guidance

    ·         Maintains confidentiality with sensitive or proprietary information

    ·         Works safely and shows concern for the safety of others

    ·         Consistently displays honesty and integrity in all interactions

    Communication – Create understanding and support though effective use of various formal and informal communication techniques.

    ·         Communicates clearly and effectively in written & spoken communications

    ·         Asks good questions as needed to gain information and understanding

    ·         Responds to questions with straightforward, useful information

    ·         Tailors communications to the needs and level of the audience

    People/Interpersonal Skills – Interacting with others in a way that tends to build healthy, productive working relationships with RTI Biologics and with external parties.

    ·         Treats others with respect and dignity

    ·         Listens actively to hear and understand others’ ideas and viewpoints

    ·         Is team oriented; cooperates within and across departmental lines

    ·         Willingly provides assistance and support to others

    ·         Seeks to constructively resolve conflict and foster good working relations

    Physical Requirements:

    (Also, see requirements identified in the “Operations Competency Descriptors & Specific Job Requirements” Form)

    Perform repetitive tasks/motions                                                Have good manual dexterity      

    Have good eye/hand/foot coordination                     Hear alarms/telephone/normal voice                        Have Clarity of Vision  

    Near Acuity (Clarity of vision at 20 inches or less)  Far Acuity (Clarity of vision at 20 feet or more)        Distinguish colors


    Biomedical manufacturing environment.

    This position may require the use of personal protective equipment during various tasks/activities including but not limited to, gloves, masks and safety glasses.

  • RTI Surgical, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Employment decisions are made without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, veteran status or other characteristics protected by law.
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