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Department: RTIDS Texas - 008
Schedule: Part Time
Shift: Variable Days/Shifts
Hours: 6A-6A
Salary Range: Grade 01: Variable
Job Details:
  • High School/GED

    ·         Performs recovery services as a team leader in an expeditious, professional and efficient manner.

    ·         Complies with all State, Federal, & AATB rules and regulations.

    ·         Exhibits up to date accurate knowledge of donor criteria & adheres to RTI Donor Services SOPs for donated human tissue recoveries. 

    ·         Upon notification of consent, initiates contact with appropriate personnel at referring, recovery, and authorizing institutions to ensure effective communication between all key personnel i.e. Coroners, Medical Examiners, Nursing Supervisor, Funeral director.

    ·         Coordinates notification & assignment of team members.

    ·         Ensures all procedures are followed as prescribed by RTI Donor Services SOPs to ensure a successful completion of the entire recovery in a proficient manner.

    ·         Including but not limited to variances, instrumentation, supplies, documentation and any duties required of the recovery team.

    ·         Coordination of serology & research procedures including packaging and shipping.

    ·         Facilitates the donation process by overseeing procedures, providing direction and guidance to team members including training and continuing education, and performing the surgical removal of human tissue for the purposes of transplantation, research, and education.

    ·         Maintains confidentiality for the donor and donor family.

    ·         Supports all RTI Donor Services team initiatives and exhibits professionalism and a positive attitude when ever representing RTIS Donor Services.

    EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE REQUIRED AND/OR PREFERRED: (list required and preferred separately)

    ·         BS, BA, PA, RN, CST or 3 years in tissue banking, minimum 2 years cadaver tissue recovery preferred.

    ·         Minimum 2 years extensive medical/surgical experience, preferably in areas related to organ and/or tissue procurement, surgery, or pathology. 

    ·         Successful and satisfactory completion of training matrix as evaluated and determined by the manager. 

    ·         CTBS preferred. 

    KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES: (list required and preferred separately)

    ·         Understands & appreciates the personal nature of donation, death, loss & grief.

    ·         Flexibility of schedule to accommodate recoveries at all times including days, nights, & weekends. 

    ·         Strong written & verbal communication skills with the ability to interact with people positively.

    ·         Excellent interpersonal and problem solving skills including accessing need and using resources to motivate others, and coordinate efforts to ensure an efficient and successful outcome in each recovery accomplish goal.

    ·         Advanced knowledge of aseptic technique, Human Anatomy and Physiology; disease processes, aseptic technique, medical terminology, surgical instrumentation and maintenance, interpretation of clinical lab results and medical chart review. 

    ·         Knowledge of tissue banking: the recovering, processing, testing, & transplantation of human tissue.

    ·         Reliable transportation & valid driver's license required. 

    This position may require the use of personal protective equipment during various tasks/activities including but not limited to, gloves, masks and safety glasses.


    List activity requirements and percentage of time:  KEY:  Not at all (0%), Occasional (1-33%),  Frequent (34-66%), Constant (67-100%)


    Climbing:   Not at all (0%)                      Bending: Frequent (34-66%)                           Kneeling/Crawling with force:   Occasional (1-33%)         

    Pulling: Frequent (34-66%)                 Reaching Above Head: Occasional (1-33%) Twisting at waist: Frequent (34-66%)

    Lift above shoulders: Occasional (1-33%)                                                                       Lift from floor level: Frequent (34-66%)           


    Physical Requirements:


    Very heavy work:  Physically handle objects over 100 lbs. frequently.

    Stand for   8 hours/day    Sit for 8 hours/day           Perform repetitive tasks/motions    Have good manual dexterity          

    Have good eye/hand/foot coordination                        Hear alarms/telephone/normal voice             Have Clarity of Vision                     

    Near Acuity (Clarity of vision at 20 inches or less)      Far Acuity (Clarity of vision at 20 feet or more)             Distinguish colors

     WORKING CONDITIONS: Biomedical manufacturing environment.  Potential hazards include exposure to:


    Hazardous chemicals: Occasional (1-33%)                                     Blood or body fluids: Constant (67-100%)

    Extreme conditions, hot or cold: Occasional (1-33%)                   Communicable diseases: Constant (67-100%)

    Saw Blades, needles or other sharp objects: Constant (67-100%)              Unprotected heights: Not at all (0%)

    Moving mechanical parts: Occasional (1-33%)                              Latex exposure: Constant (67-100%)              

  • RTI Surgical, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Employment decisions are made without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, veteran status or other characteristics protected by law.
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