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Category: Trades
Schedule: Full Time
Shift: Day Shift
Hours: 8
Contact Information: Contact: Jeremy Hall
Job Details: High School/GED

Depending upon area and shift assignment, may perform any one or a combination of the following duties:


Secures materials and equipment required for cleaning.


Using universal precautions, cleans all assigned areas of the buildings on the hospital or clinic grounds as directed, including walls, floors, equipment, bath areas, furniture, ceilings, elevators, staircases, windows and blinds, restrooms, vents, light fixtures, and use of buffers or scrubbers.  Arranges furniture and equipment in an orderly manner.  May require use of ladder for overhead cleaning.


Removes, washes, replaces vents; moves furniture in hospital, clinic, office and transient housing areas, removes soiled drapes and replaces with clean ones.


Removes bed linen, padding, etc., from vacated patient unit bed, examining room tables, transient housing living quarters, etc. Cleans beds, replaces linen and makes up bed units as required.


Maintains an adequate supply of soap, paper towels, etc., in locker rooms, rest rooms, and other areas.


Removes soiled linen, trash and infectious waste materials from cleaned areas and places in assigned area for collection.  Collects linen, trash and infectious waste materials from all areas and properly stores/disposes same.


Maintains cleaning equipment in satisfactory condition, makes minor repairs to equipment used for cleaning activities, delivers malfunctioning equipment to Maintenance for repair and notifies Janitor’s immediate supervisor regarding items of equipment or materials which are found to be in need of repair or replacement.  Washes and cleans equipment and housekeeping cart and rearranges equipment and supplies periodically.


Performs such emergency cleaning duties using universal precautions as may be required within the in-patient areas, including terminal cleaning of isolation rooms.


Performs other related duties as assigned.


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