Laboratory Outreach

Part Time


$14.33 - $17.93


40 Hour OT Rule - OT paid after 40 worked hours in a week

Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center in Medford is dedicated to nurturing, advancing and protecting the health of the people of Southern Oregon and Northern California.  With high quality services and the latest medical technology our 378-bed facility is the premier referral center for the region providing superb medical care with genuine human compassion.   

At Asante we believe that we are defined by our values – the traits that guide us as we serve patients and the community:

Excellence - Respect - Honesty - Service – Teamwork


Utilizing proper prioritization procedures, the Phlebotomist coordinates collection of all hospital phlebotomy specimens with co-workers.  The Phlebotomist must consistently provide phlebotomy skills appropriate to the age and condition of the patient to minimize redraws (i.e., proper amounts, correct samples) and must strictly adhere to patient identification protocols as specified by regulatory requirements.  This includes demonstrating knowledge of all patient safety precautions – such as isolations and safety devices. 


In this role, is is important to have the ability to use independent judgment in following established venipuncture procedures along with having the ability to inspire confidence in and communicate effectively with unit secretaries, therapists, medical staff & visitors.  This means demonstrating composure and organizational skills in handling crisis situations and effectively handling multiple tasks simultaneously in times of heavy workload.


Education:  If being hired directly after successful completion of a certified phlebotomy program, the requirement for experience below may be waived.


License/Certification: Possession of a valid Oregon driver's license; proof of safe driving record for past ten years and proof of insurance may be required (for Lab Outreach).  Basic Life Support (BLS) is preferred for TRMC and for RRMC Lab Outreach.   Phlebotomy Technician (PBT) certified by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists also preferred.


Experience:  One year laboratory experience or equivalent experience in a healthcare related field required - unless being hired directly after successful completion of a certified phlebotomy program as noted above. Must be able to use independent judgment in following established venipuncture procedures.  1-2 years phlebotomy experience preferably in a Clinical Laboratory or hospital setting; knowledge of laboratory specimen requirements; and experience with special drawing experience (babies, therapeutic phlebotomies, combative patients, etc.) is preferred.