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Category: Nursing Professionals RN/LPN
Facility: Avera Aberdeen Family Physicians
Department: Avera Aberdeen Family Physicians
Schedule: Full Time
Shift: Day Shift
Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-6pm
Requisition: 1300802
Job Details: RN Required

Full Time RN to work in busy family practice clinic Monday-Friday 8am-6pm, 4 days per week.









Department:  AAFP Nursing                                                       JOB Code:  50.42720.55000



Job Title: Registered Nurse                                                                       FLSA:  Non-Exempt



Position Accountable To:  Clinic Administrator



Job Summary:


Provides professional nursing care for clinic patients following established standards and practices.  Demonstrates knowledge of the principles of growth and development and possesses the ability to respond to specific issues and data reflective of the patient/customer’s status.  Demonstrates the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care for the population served in the department.


            Birth - 1 yr                   1 - 11 yrs         12 - 17 yrs       18 - 65 yrs       over 65 yrs

            __X__                          _X_                      _X_               _X_               _X_

            Infancy                      Pediatrics         Adolescent         Adulthood      Geriatric



 Essential Job Functions:


§  Performs nursing care to patients.  Administers prescribed medications and treatments in accordance with nursing standards. 

§  Provides direct care to patients as well as follow-through care per telephone. Assist physician with interviewing, obtaining vital signs, and performance of physical exams, to include in progress notes: (a) Reason for appointment, (b) Medical history, (c) List of all medications with strength and frequency, and (d) Allergies. To complete history and physical forms per individual physicians protocol.

§  Assess patient needs, via phone and in person, then gives appropriate advice per individual physicians direct or standing order protocol, to include follow-up by direct contact or phone.

§  Prepares equipment and aids Health Care Provider during treatment, examination and testing of patients.

§  Performs procedures such as EKG, venipuncture and ear irrigation.

§  Triages phone calls from patients requesting any type of medical information. Immediately respond to priority phone calls and emergency situations with appropriate assessment and initiation of response to same per physicians orders.

§  Assists PSR staff in scheduling and monitoring patient flow, including keeping scheduling protocols current and efficient per physicians direction.

§   Maintains timely flow of patients.

§  Responsible for on-going patient education.

§  Maintains patient confidentiality. Organizes and follows through on medical reports and records of patients. Accurate and concise documentation in patient file of all patient contact (direct and phone) and physician orders. Documents state provided immunizations in patient file. Assists patient in appropriate insurance pre-authorization and documentation as necessary.

§  Responsible for maintaining nursing skills through continuing education.

§  Attends required meetings and participates in committees as requested.

§  Ability to work as a team member and work well with others.

§  Ability to alter schedule to meet the needs of the clinic patients and to cover for vacations.

§  Coordinate provider’s hospital and nursing home rounds.

§  Supplies exam and procedure rooms along with rotating items on a regular basis. Maintains clean and neat exam areas on a daily basis.

§   Responsible for medication counts, refrigerator temperature and eyewash station checks per protocol.

§  Performs competency requirements as directed by the education department.

§  Performs cleaning and sterilization of medical instruments per protocol, maintains clean areas in the clean utility and linen rooms.



Marginal Job Functions:


§  Responsible for follow through of clinic charges being posted correctly on the charge sheet.

§  Is on call as needed.

§  Assists in the teaching, preceptoring, or shadowing of physician approved students.

§  Performs other duties as outlined in nurse job duties and responsibilities as well as assist in all physician areas as patient flow necessitates.



Essential Physical Demands:


Requires full range of body motion including handling and lifting patients, manual and finger dexterity and eye-hand coordination.  Requires standing and walking for extensive periods of time.  Occasionally lifts and carries items weighing up to 50 pounds. Requires corrected vision and hearing to normal range.  Requires working under stressful conditions or working irregular hours.  Requires exposure to communicable diseases or body fluids.


Lifting (floor-waist):  0-10#                             Lifting (knee-waist):  0-10#

Lifting (waist/shldr):  0-10#                             Overhead:  0-8#

Min Assist Transfers: Occasional                     Carrying: 0-10#

Pushing:  0-30#                                                Pulling:  0-30#

Sitting:  0-3 hrs/day                                          Standing:  0-3 hrs/day

Walking: 3/5 hrs/day                                                    Climbing (step stool): 0-3 hrs/day

Kneeling:  0-3 hrs/day                                     Forward bend: 0-3 hrs/day


Forward Reach: 0-3 hrs/day                                         Overhead Reach: 0-3 hrs/day

Grasping Light:  3-5 hrs/day                                        Grasping Firm: 3-5 hrs/day

Repetitive use of

Dominant hand:  3-5 hours/day                       Use of bilateral hands: 3-5 hrs/day

Visual Acuity far:  3-5 hours/day                    Visual Acuity near:  5-8 hrs/day

Depth perception:   0-3 hrs/day                       Field of Vision:  5-8 hrs/day

Visual Accommodation:  5-8 hrs/day                          Distinguish Color:  5-8 hrs/day



Work Environment:


Works inside, with and around others.  Will have verbal face to face contact.  Exposure to blood and body fluids, airborne pathogens, hazardous waste and chemicals, communicable diseases and moving objects.  Works varied hours of shifts.




Equipment Used to Perform Job:


Nursing supplies and equipment. Computers.  Calculators. Telephones, fax machines and copiers.



Mental Requirements:


___reading, simple                              ___spatial                     ___tending

_X_reading, complex              _X_form                      _X_precision working

__writing, simple                     _X_clerical                  _X_follow instructions

_X_writing, complex               _X_compiling              _X_influence others

__math skills, simple                           _X_coordinating          _X_time requirement

_X_math skills, complex         _X_analyzing              _X_memorization

__tasks, simple                        _X_synthesizing          _X_problem solving

_X_tasks, complex                     _X_supervising                     _X_decision making

__driving                                 _X_instructing

_X_independent judgement



Potential Job Stressors:


Work may be performed under pressure requiring close attention to detail.  Occasional environmental stimuli overload.





Must have graduated from an accredited school of nursing.





Current license from the State of South Dakota Board of Nursing.  CPR certified required, ACLS preferred.





A minimum of one year of nursing experience is desired.



Skills, Knowledge, Abilities:


Demonstrates effective interpersonal skills in dealing with co-workers, patients, physicians, and others. Demonstrates current, up-to-date nursing knowledge.  Ability to use the telephone, and computers.  Ability to maintain to IV's. Demonstrates knowledge of clinical care needs of all age groups.


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