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Req Number: 7518
Facility: Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital
Department: BDH HSL CL ENV SVC
Schedule: Part Time
FTE: 0.4
Shift: Day Shift
Additional Info: Saturday and Sunday 8:00 - 4:30 (starting and finishing times have some flexibility)
Job Details:

      • To provide a safe, sanitary and hospitable environment to the residents of HSL. Must be able to work weekends occasionally, but infrequent weekend and/or holidays. This position exists to clean and maintain resident apartments, public areas, or process laundry generated by Hillcrest Senior Living Residents and departments.
      • Required:
      • Preferred:
        • High School diploma or equivalent

      • Required:
        • n/a
      • Preferred:
        • n/a

      • Required:
        • A working knowledge of the high standards of infection control and safety
        • Interpersonal skills necessary to establish effective relationships with all department employees and with other departments
        • On-the-job training
      • Preferred:
    • "A" Team Member in an apartment or public area listed below:
      • 20% Time Spent - Disinfect bathrooms and kitchens in 8-9 apartments or public areas
      • 20% Time Spent - Dust apartment furnishings or public areas
      • 20% Time Spent - Vacuum carpet in 8-9 apartments and the hallway in same area
      • 10% Time Spent - Strip beds and remake in 8-9 apartments per day
      • 10% Time Spent - Remove trash from apartments and take to outdoor receptacles
    • "B" Team Member in laundry area
      • 40% Time Spent - Sort and load laundry into washers
      • 25% Time Spent - Move wet laundry to dryers
      • 35% Time Spent - Fold all dried laundry and return to the stock shelves
    • Additional Job FunctionsTeam A:
      • Communication with residents about expected services or submitting work orders
      • Clean apartment windows twice per year
      • End of shift work area check (restock carts and clean equipment)
      • Team B:
      • Conduct Quality Assurance checks for the team members
      • Clean, reorganize laundry area and set up laundry for next workday

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