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Department: Vald-CorpSecurityAdministration
Schedule: PRN
Shift: Flexible to work any shift
Hours: Work any shift
Job Details:
  • High School Diplioma or Equivalent
  • NC Drivers License and Satisfactory Driving Record (MVR)
  • 1 year of experience required
  • JOB SUMMARY:  Makes rounds as scheduled by the hospital and reports any discrepancies from normal operation to the proper personnel.  Checks all essential equipment on each round such as boilers, fire protection equipment, oxygen, vacuum and safety equipment.  Assists other hospital personnel in awkward situations such as an unruly visitor or patient.  Knows the proper agencies to call for support when needed such as police and fire department.  Has a thorough knowledge of al building layouts and unique things about each building.  Performs other related duties as required.


    Education:       High school graduate or GED

    Experience:    2 years previous security experience or equivalent

    NC Drivers License with a minimum of 2 years driving experience

    Other:                         Excellent driving record as validated by North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles report (and applicable reports from states lived in during the last 7 years). Excellent customer service and communication skills required. Must be able to operate all types of motor vehicles - automatic and manual/standard transmission. Hospital experience can substitute for security experience

    TYPICAL PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Constantly:  walking.  Frequently:  standing; far vision (required to see in the distance); visual color discrimination (match or discriminate between objects); accident exposure.  Occasionally:  lift 50 lbs from floor to waist; one handed carrying 20 lbs; pushing 40 lbs; pulling 80 lbs; sitting; work bent over-standing/stooping; work squatting/crouching; both handedness (both hands must be used); near vision (required to see object up close); low temperature; high temperature.  May occasionally transfer deceased patient from waist to knee level when assisting funeral homes.  Acceptable body range of motion to allow assistance to remove combative, disruptive visitors and manage patients.  Indoor rounds of hospital approximately 5 times per shift, Outside approximately 5 times per shift.  Overlap of care team members from approximately 11:30-12:30 p.m. daily.  At other times single officer on duty with back-up provided by local law enforcement if needed. 

For HR Use Only: 00116783

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