LGH Emergency Room

  Part-time (24-35 hours)

  7p-7a 2/days a week and every third weekend

  LGH Emergency Room


The Paramedic under the direction of a licensed professional nurse performs care appropriate to the patient population served and meets daily routine patient care needs. The Paramedic also assists nursing staff by transporting patients running errands and transporting equipment to and from units as requested. Additional job functions may be assigned per certification level and competencies.

The Paramedic functions under the direction of a licensed professional nurse. Under the supervision of the nurse paramedics perform care appropriate to the patient population served and meet daily routine patient care needs.

The paramedic performs all the duties of the EMT-B and EMT-E. In addition the paramedic inserts peripheral IV therapy or saline lock after successful completion of an inservice and at the reaction of a registered nurse. He/she assists with airway maintenance as needed. The paramedic monitors cardiac rhythms and immediately reports changes. He/she performs phlebotomy after successful completion of a phlebotomy inservice and at the direction of a registered nurse. He/she continually monitors patient's status and correctly intervenes when indicated. The paramedic may perform suctioning and/or insert an oral airway during a code situation if ACLS certified and upon approval by the E.D. staff Educator. The paramedic may not perform advanced medical airway management (i.e. intubation). He/she may provide the ALS measures of defibrillation if ACLS certified under the direction of a physician or an ACLS registered nurse

Requirements - High school diploma or equivalent. Experience as a certified Paramedic.

Previous emergency department or pre-hospital provider experience is preferred.

Certification/Licensure Requirements - Virginia EMT-Paramedic certification





Job Description will be reviewed at time of interview.

The physical demands outlined in the job description must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. Some job positions require a Job Function Match test (physical demands test) in which the applicant must meet all physical demand requirements for the position.