Schedule: Full Time 60-80
Shift: Day/Evening/Nights
Job Details:
  • Note: To complete the application process for this position, you must submit a Video Interview utilizing the link below, in addittion to your application. Partial applications will not be considered. You will have 1 week to complete the application and your video. 

    Job Responsibilities:

    • Provides quality support services of registration and other related tasks within the revenue cycle
    • Data collection processes performed by this role directly impact departments such as Health Information Management, Patient Financial Services, clinical services, and other areas within the hospital
    • Individuals in this role often serve as a patient’s first impression of customer service prior to the delivery of care

    Job Requirements:

    • High School diploma or equivalent
    • No Experience necessary / On the-Job Training
    • Ability to work in high volume area with constant phone and personal contact
    • Excellent customer service and stress management skills required
    • Demonstrates ability to consistently meet the Admissions Department established assessment criteria which incorporate direct observation of work, oral and written competencies, review of account and data collected thru reports
    • Must have flexibility to commute and flex hours according to staffing needs
    • Patient Care services require a fast response time to our clinic coverage needs; float staff will need reliable transportation due to unscheduled staffing requirements
    • CHAA preferred
    • 45 wpm
    • Medical terminology preferred
    • 10 key - 68 kshp
    • PC/CRT skills
    To begin your video interview, Copy and paste the link below into your browser:
    If you are not being considered for an Access Representative position with the hospital, you will receive notification via e-mail and status updates on your CMH Profile.  Otherwise we will retain your video for all future Access Representative positions with the hospital. Should we decide to consider you for a position a Recruiter will contact you to set up a face to face interview.  

    Below are some tips to help you have a successful video interview:

    • Tilt Up. Raise your chair so the camera is looking up at you. There is a reason why you see the White House correspondents all standing on boxes and the camera looking up at them slightly. That camera angle tilted up at you gives you a look of authority.
    • Show More Than Your Face. Let the camera see enough of the table in front of you that if you folded your hands and rested them on the table that your hands would still be in the frame but just barely.  This will have you close enough but not too close.  You don’t want to lean into the web camera like you are talking in a web chat.
    • Manage Your Environment. Make sure the lighting doesn’t leave you with shadows on your face and make sure the background is not distracting.  We love that you went to college and you are a loyal alumni, but that university flag in the background can take the attention off of you.
    • Be Crisp, Clear and Deliberate in Your Answers. Chances are you are not the only candidate to be answering the exact same question and you will be evaluated alongside others.  The more crisp and to the point you are, the better.
    • Invite Company. Consider having someone else in the room with you. Whenever I do a TV interview when it is me with an ear piece, a fake background and staring into a red light, I want someone else in the room with me. Of course I can’t look at them but just having another human being in the room adds some adrenaline and ups my game. Consider the same for a video interview.
    • Cover your live video on your computer screen.  This will help you from being distracted and looking at yourself during the interview.
    • At times, the selected microphone does not pick up any sound due to the sensitivity being too low.  By going to the "Recording Devices" on your computer, and to the "Properties" of the default device, you can manually increase the sensitivity of the microphone by going to the "Levels" tab.  There, the microphone's sensitivity can be increased or decreased.
    • If you are having technical problems you can call the HireVue's support team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for troubleshooting.  Their number is 1-800-655-4106.

    Again, we appreciate your interest in Children's Mercy Hospital!


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