Director, Pastoral Care & CPE

Pastoral Care


Day shift

8-5, 40 hrs.

Job Summary: Director, Pastoral Care and Clinical Pastoral Education is responsible for the total administration of the Pastoral Care Department and Clinical Pastoral Education program at Central Maine Medical Center.

Requirements: Completion of theological studies, minimally a Masters degree or the equivalent, from an accredited School of Theology or seminary. Ecclesiastical endorsement. Training and/or experience in counseling and interpersonal relationships. Training is demonstrated by formal, academic courses in fields such as theology, psychology, counseling, ethics, or social work. Certified as a Supervisor by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc.. Certified as a chaplain by the Association for Professional Chaplains. Continuing education to update professional skills and knowledge by study and participation in chaplainry training programs, seminars and workshops.

Skills: Among the many characteristics that might be desired, the director ought to at least evidence: A warm, outgoing personality and a sensitivity and empathy for the feelings of others, and a desire to work with people in crisis. Tactfulness and an attitude of acceptance - not primarily intent on doing things "to" or "for" patients, but "with" them. Embody a spirit of joy and cheerfulness. Good health and well adjusted psychologically and spiritually. Knowledgeable concerning hospital organization and procedures. Knowledgeable concerning a variety of religious beliefs.Professional knowledge of medico-moral matters, the Ethical and Religious Directives as they relate to the practice of medicine. Organizational and managerial skills in order to function as a competent department head.