Director of Clinical Informatics /Integration

Information Services

Day shift


Job Summary:  The primary purpose of this position is to provide Clinical Informatics leadership and be a resource for the Central Maine Healthcare System. As a resource, the Director of Clinical Informatics provides on-going user education and support and informatics support for various teams and committees throughout the facility. This position provides system vision and direction for computer systems, process design, data management, and related processes. The Director of Clinical Informatics serves as a liaison between the CMH system and the Clinical Information Systems IT team to communicate clinical user needs and facilitate system modification to meet quality standards and create safe patient care.


  1. Promotes the Nursing Philosophy of CMMC's nursing organization and the leadership philosophy of CMMC.
  2. Coordinates the development, delivery, and evaluation of clinical staff education related to the Clinical Information Systems.
  3. Coordinates the training provided during new employee orientation to support competency of new users in their information systems.
  4. Develops on-going user education and communication to maintain user competency across the CMH system.
  5. Participates in the selection of new technology; coordinates and leads conversion education in the deployment of new technology and system upgrades.
  6. Maintains on-going user support structure. Provides both structured and informal opportunities for users to verbalize concerns and suggest potential improvements related to the use of the information systems.
  7. Fosters the development and oversight of super user groups and clinical go live support teams in the ongoing efforts to support system end users.
  8. Evaluates the impact the information systems have on daily user workflow.
  9. Coordinates work with the users and the Information Technology department to resolve conflicts between workflow and the information systems.
  10. Supports staff to use technology in a consistent manner which promotes maintenance of patient quality, safety, and confidentiality.
  11. Coordinates and facilitates on-going information systems evaluations including: user accuracy, data integrity, and system reliability.12. Develops and implements action plans as needed to support user accuracy, data integrity, and system reliability.
  12. Participates in post implementation change evaluation and supports users in maintaining changed processes.
  13. Participates in interdisciplinary and process improvement teams to identify potential future uses of the information systems and potential improvements in the current use of the systems.
  14. Serves as a clinical informatics resource to individuals and teams throughout the CMH system.
  15. Maintains up to date knowledge of trends and advances in the field of Nursing and Clinical Healthcare Informatics, as well as new developments in hardware and software technology.
  16. Maintains up to date knowledge of nursing practices, regulatory standards, and organizational direction. Utilizes this knowledge to support users and process teams.
  17. Demonstrates the ability to convey messages and thoughts clearly to a diverse audience, using both verbal and written mediums.
  18. Demonstrates the ability to work with others to reach consensus while promoting change among large groups of workers.
  19. Demonstrates the use of critical thinking skills with the ability to prioritize needs rapidly.
  20. Maintains a good working relationship within all departments across the CMH system.
  21. Demonstrates the ability to coordinate information and activities, work under stress of deadlines and frequent interruptions, and to possess analytical problem solving skills
  22. Demonstrates the ability to adapt knowledge and approach to various settings, both inpatient and outpatient, in a rapidly changing technological environment.
  23. Enhances professional growth and development through participation in educational programs, current literature, in-service meetings and workshops. Shows responsibility for own professional practice and ongoing education


  1. Supports the development and maintenance of policy and procedures related to the information systems.



Regulatory Requirements:

·                    Current state Registered Nurse Licensure, within state of practice.

·                    Masters Degree in Nursing or related field required.

·                    Five years of progressive leadership experience required.

·                    Certification in Nursing Informatics preferred or must obtain within a reasonable period after entry into position.



·                    Must have five or more years of experience in the acute care clinical setting

·                    Prior experience in the informatics setting is preferred.

·                    Proficiency in Microsoft office applications preferred.

·                    Must possess a basic knowledge of integrated clinical systems.

·                    Must have highly developed interpersonal and communication skills.

·                    Must have highly developed presentation skills.