Activity Aide

Nursing PMP Residential Care

Day shift

rotating some weekends

  1. Carries out assigned program as designated.
  1. Provides one-to-one activities for those who can/will not participate in groups.
  1. Has good time management skills in order to provide residents with creative, intellectual, social, and spiritual needs.
  1. Contributes new ideas for crafts and games.
  1. Plans work schedule to meet needs of resident.
  1. Gives care in a professional manner.  Kindness, respect and courtesy are expected of all personnel to residents and fellow workers.
  1. Is responsible for record-keeping and documentation as assigned by the Activity Coordinator.
  1. Is responsible for maintenance of work area including preparation for clean-up after activities.
  1. Assists Activity Coordinator with the monthly newsletter.
  1. Assists at Residents' Council and committee meetings.
  1. Assists with residents' mail as needed.
  1. Assists with residents' transportation to and from activities.
  1. Assists with residents' transportation to and from beauty shop.
  1. Assists in designing and arranging bulletin boards.
  1. Does initial assessments.
  1. Attends interdisciplinary care plan meetings as assigned by the Activity Coordinator.
  1. Offers 24-hour individual reality orientation for residents in need.
  1. Assists in reality orientation groups as selected.
  1. Other duties as assigned by the Activity Coordinator.
  1. Customer Service: Interacts with all individuals in a consistent manner, providing attention, support, and assistance to foster an environment of exceptional personal service.
    1. Maintains a pleasant and helpful demeanor, and presents a professional appearance toward all internal and external customers at all times.
    1. Consistently initiates interaction to provide assistance to individuals who may not be direct customers of the employee (i.e. asks patients who appear to be lost if they need assistance in finding their way).
    1. Takes appropriate action to recover from a service difficulty, ensuring that the necessary action is taken to affect a resolution to the customer's problem.
    1. Conducts all work activities with respect for coworkers, including the maintenance of a pleasant and professional environment, fostering calmness during stressful situations.
    1. Interacts with supervisory personnel in a professional, supportive and courteous manner, venting emotions appropriate to time and place.
    1. Demonstrates a commitment to service by consistent attendance and punctuality, scheduling absences according to departmental requirements, and incurring unplanned absences only when unavoidable circumstances exist.