Surgical Scheduler

CT & Vascular Surgery

Full Time-Non Exempt

Day shift


1-2 years experience is required


The position of Scheduler provides scheduling support for Providers, PAs, and the Surgical RN Clinical Assistants.  The scheduler provides administrative assistance in the areas of surgical scheduling, preauthorization for testing and procedures, and referrals to consultants and for testing.  The Scheduler's work is done in an effort to ensure an optimal patient surgical experience, cost-effective measures of operation, maximum reimbursement, optimal lines of communication, and promotes effective management of various areas of responsibility.  Responsible for accurate and complete work based on organization standards, policies and procedures, HIPAA, and compliance with regulatory agencies.


Serves as the champion of the patient experience 

Engages patients utilizing exceptional customer service practices in alignment with the Five Must Haves; 

o Greet people with a smile, friendly eye contact and say hello.

o Take people where they are going, rather than point or give directions.

o Use key words at key times.  "Is there anything else I can do for you?"

o Foster an attitude of gratitude.

o Round with reason and purpose.

Obtains all prior authorization information by working collectively with insurance companies and other partners. 

Schedules the procedure with the patient in accordance with the CMH scheduling guidelines which highlights the maximization of the scheduling process. 

Ensures surgical prerequisites have been scheduled and completed prior to date of scheduled procedure.  

Collaborates with the Provider and support team to ensure the patient has a comprehensive understanding of their plan of care.

Prepare for clinic visits by reviewing next day patients and completing next day preparation activities.

Interacts with all individuals in a consistent manner, providing attention, support, and assistance to foster an environment of exceptional personal service.  

Reviews the schedule in a timely manner to ensure that all scheduled procedures and equipment are aligned as appropriate. 


High school diploma or equivalent.

Minimum of two years of work experience in directly communicating and providing service to patients or public; preferably in a healthcare related field. 

Prior medical office experience, referral experience and knowledge of medical terminology preferred.

Demonstrated proficiency with data entry/keyboarding.


Excellent organizational and interpersonal communication skills. 

Ability to perform multiple tasks or activities simultaneously, provide quality patient service, prioritize and use critical thinking.

Effectively communicate with patients in a supportive and tactful manner.

Identify and apply effective service recovery opportunities.

Ability to remain calm in a busy or stressful situation.

Represent the organization in a positive manner, support and encourages strong morale within the   team and maintain effective, professional relationships with others.   

Employee Referral Bonus Eligible!