Patient Service Representative

Family Practice

Full Time-Non Exempt

Day shift


1-2 years experience is required


Position summary:

The position of Patient Services Representative, CMH (PSR), is responsible for performing diversified coordination and participation in a variety of duties associated with daily clinic preparation process, patient identification, patient check in/out, charge posting, cash management and patient appointment scheduling. Position also involves customer service, message distribution, and ancillary scheduling and preparation and referrals management. Responsible for accurate and complete patient accounts based on organization standards, policies and procedures, HIPAA , and compliance with regulatory agencies, to include but not limited to pre-registration and registration functions. The PSR performs all functions under guidance and direction from the Practice Manager. 

Essential duties:                                                    

1)      Serves as the champion of the patient experience

2)      Engages patients utilizing exceptional customer service practices in alignment with the Five Must Haves;

                                                               i.      Greet people with a smile, friendly eye contact and say hello

                                                             ii.      Take people where they are going, rather than point or give directions

                                                            iii.      Use key words at key times.  "Is there anything else I can do for you?"

                                                           iv.      Foster an attitude of gratitude.

                                                             v.      Round with reason and purpose.

3)      Prepares for clinic visits by reviewing next day patients and completing next day preparation activities.

4)      Maintains private physician office charts.

5)      Checks-in patient upon arrival in the practice. Identify correct patient information in Cerner Revenue Cycle. Verify patient demographic data. Present and educate patients on required forms and obtain signature as required by policy and procedure.

6)      Collects and posts payments and balances on accounts. Completes daily reconciliation of cash, reconciliation of appointment and charges and follow procedures according to standards.  Copy, files and scans insurance cards as indicated by procedure.  

7)      Utilizes centralized scheduling system and software applications to schedule appointments. Verifies and updates patients' demographic information, eligibility, and transfers to registration for update per organization policy, procedures and standards.

8)      Schedules tests and procedures. Completes and distributes ancillary service requisitions.

9)      Checks-out patients. Makes return appointments by scheduling patients into the correct appointment type, entering the primary care provider or referring provider and scheduling tests and procedures.

10)   Communicates with patients and staff by using multiple advanced communication tools, including phone call handling telecommunication system, emails, faxes and on-line chats and on-line scheduling applications.

11)   Answers telephone, take and deliver messages to physicians, nurses and others. Reports obtained medical information from patients and referring provider accurately, completely and timely. Disseminate messages, mail and forms according to practice communication standards.

12)   Upholds CMH policies and procedures.

13)   Participates in orientation, training programs and attends meetings as required.

14)   Performs other related duties as assigned or described by the organization's policy.


Education and Experience:

1)      High school diploma or equivalent

2)      Minimum of one year of work experience in directly communicating and providing service to patients or public; preferably in a healthcare related field

3)      Prior medical office experience and knowledge of medical terminology preferred

4)      Demonstrated proficiency with data entry/keyboarding


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

1)      Excellent organizational and interpersonal communication skills

2)      Ability to perform multiple tasks or activities simultaneously to provide  an exceptional  patient experience

3)      Ability to prioritize and use critical thinking skills

4)      Effectively communicate with patients in a supportive and tactful manner

5)      Identify and apply effective service recovery opportunities

6)      Ability to remain calm in a busy or stressful situation

7)      Represent the organization in a positive manner, support and encourages strong morale within the   team and maintain effective, professional relationships with others