Nurse Assistant Certified- Resource Unit

Confluence Health

Resource Unit

Full Time; 3 - 12 hours shifts

Evening/Night Shift



Position Summary:

  • Assists patients with activities of daily living, provides basic nursing care to all patients, and assists in maintaining a safe and clean environment under the direction and supervision of the Registered Nurse in charge of the patient and/or unit. May also be utilized as a Bedside Assistant, observing, interacting with and providing care to patients requiring 1:1 supervision. Further duties are outlined in the CNA Scope of Practice policy and the designated tasks on the MA-Registered task list upon completion of orientation.
 Essential Functions:
    • Provides or assists patients with activities of daily living (ADLs) under the direction of the R.N.
      • Demonstrates competence in providing morning, evening, and general care routines in accordance with established nursing care procedure to ensure patients' comfort and safety.
      • Takes and records vital signs, height, weight, intake and output, and other measurements as applicable, in an accurate and precise manner. Reports all variations from normal to the RN in charge of the patient.
      • Obtains finger stick blood glucose as delegated by the RN unless working in the Transitional Care Unit where it is prohibited.
      • Prepares patients for meals, assists in feeding patients (if necessary), distributes fresh water and other nourishment according to patients' needs.
      • Assists patients with elimination needs.
      • Ambulates patients as assigned, using proper technique.
      • Assists nurse in treatment procedures as necessary.
      • Assists with or transfers patient, using proper body mechanics.
      • Documents ADLs provided.
    • Maintains a safe and sanitary environment.
      • Identifies patient by name and checks patient's name band for correct identification.
      • Demonstrates a thorough knowledge of safety policies and procedures; knows proper body mechanics.
      • Demonstrates knowledge of infection control and isolation procedures; strictly adheres to policies and procedures as outlined in the departmental manuals; washes/sanitizes hands before and after each patient contact and before and after donning gloves.
      • Participates in hospital emergency and disaster drills; knows personal role in the event of a fire and other emergency codes while on duty.
      • Reports any observed change in patient condition or behavior promptly to the nurse.
    • Performs related duties as outlined in the policy for CNA Scope of Practice and observes rules and regulations of the hospital.
      • Makes hourly rounds to assigned patients in collaboration with RN.
      • Completes all patient care activities by the end of the shift.
      • Performs all errands as assigned in a timely manner.
      • Demonstrates the ability to adapt to changes in the workload or patient assignment.
      • Accepts re-assignment to other units if necessary.
      • Completes work left from previous shifts and reports all incomplete assignments to ensure continuity of care.
      • Demonstrates knowledge of specimen collection procedures; accurately labels all specimens.
      • Assumes responsibility for reading all posted minutes and memos.
      • Performs all duties in an independent manner with little or no need for direct supervision.
      • Willingly participates in doing other duties, as certified to do so, although not directly assigned.
      • Reports to director/clinical manager any suggestions or recommendations for changes within the departmental policies and procedures.
      • Maintains well-stocked supplies and reports non-functioning equipment.
    • Adheres to Hospital/Nursing policy.
      • Reports to work on time according to CWH Dependability: Absenteeism and Tardiness Standards.
      • Attends 75% of unit conferences
      • Does not incur excessive overtime. (Exception: working extra shifts when requested to do so).
      • Dresses according to Central Washington Hospital's Personal Attire and Appearance policy, and the Dress Code For Nursing Staff policy. Is conscientious in regard to personal hygiene.
      • Complies with specific hospital and departmental policies concerning safety and/or disaster plans.
      • Complies with specific hospital policy and procedure concerning infection control, variance, and injury reporting.
      • Completes all required education within prescribed time frame.
    • Actively participates in quality improvement program.
      • Demonstrates an ongoing awareness of and participation in quality improvement process.
      • Incorporates results obtained through the quality improvement process into practice to enhance performance.
    • Self Evaluation/Self Improvement:
      • Participates in evaluation of self with Director/Clinical Manager annually.
      • Demonstrates good judgment and presents self in a professional manner. Actively participates in hospital functions.
      • Assumes responsibility for own professional development and personal growth through continuing education.
    • Address patients, visitors, families, and co-workers in a pleasant manner: display courtesy at all times.
    • Respond quickly and appropriately to inquiries and requests.
    • Assist co-workers without being asked.
    • Display an unhurried and caring manner with visitors, families, and co-workers when performing duties.
    • Maintain confidentiality of all patient-hospital or physician related information. Refrain from gossip and speak in low tones in all appropriate areas.
    • Demonstrates a pleasing disposition and sensitivity to visitors', families, and co-workers' needs.
    • Below or at the accepted standard for unscheduled absences as outlined in HR8651.370.
    • Perform related assignments as requested in order to promote positive visitor, family, and co-worker relations.
      • Communicate, cooperate and perform related duties with other co-workers in your department and in other departments in a courteous and efficient manner to achieve overall hospital goals and objectives.
      • Greet all visitors, families, and co-workers, patients and physicians in a courteous respectful and professional manner at all times. Respond to all visitors, clients, families, and co-workers with empathy and positive attitude at the time the request is made.
      • Handle all requests with a positive attitude at the time the request is made.
      • Assume the responsibility for maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships with all those working or being cared for in the hospital, outpatient, or home setting.
      • Demonstrate a commitment to providing the highest and most reliable quality service available on a daily basis.
      • Strive for positive change in your work area. Cooperate with team members in a constructive and supportive manner.
      • Be responsible for reporting inappropriate or unacceptable behavior on the part of a co-worker(s) in your department.
      • Demonstrate ethical conduct and practices.

  • Demonstrate Standards of Behavior and adhere to the Code of Conduct in all aspects of job performance at all times.
  • Required:
    • Graduate of an accredited nursing assistant program and:
      • Has a High School Diploma or GED.
      • Has a current WA certified CNA license.
      • Eligible to obtain Medical Assistant: Registered certification where applicable (application completed during the hiring process). In most cases, the CNA may perform the duties that require the MA-Registered (i.e., FSBG), and are outlined in the scope of practice, once the Department of Health has recorded receipt of the application as verified at http://www.doh.wa.gov/hsqa/Professions/hpqalinks.htm.
    • Must possess basic computer skills related to Windows navigation, mouse usage, keyboarding, email communication and password management.

About Confluence Health: Confluence Health was formed in 2013 as an affiliation between the Wenatchee Valley Medical Center and Central Washington Hospital to create an integrated, rural healthcare delivery system with 2 hospitals, multi-specialty care in 30+ service lines and primary care in ten communities across North Central Washington state. Over 225 physicians and 100 advanced practice clinicians serve an area of approximately 12,000 square miles and cover nearly every corner of this region through specialty outreach. Our Mission: We are dedicated to improving our patients' health by providing safe, high-quality care in a compassionate and cost effective manner. Our Setting and Lifestyle: We are located in the heart of Washington State and just 2.5 hours east of Seattle. Our region offers a diversity of recreational opportunities in breathtaking landscapes, from alpine country to the high desert, orchards to vineyards, cross country skiing to fly fishing and everything in between. Cycling, mountain biking, rafting, hiking; it is all right here. The region also offers a family friendly environment with good schools and opportunities for the entire family to be involved in culture and arts.