Nurse House Supervisor

Confluence Health

Wenatchee, WA

Central Washington Hospital

Resource Unit

Full Time; 3 - 12 hours shifts

Evening/Night Shift



*** Please note - This is a split position - 48 hours as a Nurse House Supervisor and 24 hours as a Resource RN*** 

Nurse House Supervisor:  

Position Summary:

  • Supervises and coordinates the activities of nursing personnel. Maintains continuity of patient care by assuring there is an adequate number and skill level of staff. Coordinates inter and intra-departmental activities and makes administrative decisions in absence of administrative staff. Participates in the investigation and preparation of reports, relative to the improvement of nursing care, safety training, and personnel performance.
Essential Functions:
    • Assesses unit needs to promote overall function.
      • Ensures that there is sufficient staff to perform the duties and responsibilities of the assigned nursing units.
      • Assists in the promotion of efficient staffing practices by maximizing the utilization of human resources; makes changes of assignments as deemed necessary after evaluating unit to needs (i.e., fluctuations between discharges and admissions).
      • Makes transfers, and adjusts staffing schedules as needed to consistently insure adequate coverage for assigned units.
      • Review census, and acuity of nursing units to see that staffing is consistent with the patients needs; adjusts staffing to meet dynamic needs and makes rounds to observe the needs of the patient.
      • Visits nursing units and obtains input from charge nurse about patients, staffing and any other necessary information.
    • Evaluates the effectiveness of medical and/or nursing care when patient issues arise and implements and facilitates appropriate changes.
    • Effectively identifies problems concerning patient care, documents findings and submits reports to appropriate entities (i.e., unit director, QCM, risk manager, administrator on-call, VP Patient Care Services) when necessary.
    • Exchanges information with oncoming supervisor about risk management, critical or special needs patients, staffing, and other pertinent information.
    • Coordinates resources to meet the need for special skills procedures (i.e., procedural sedation, PICC issues, chemotherapy on units other than Oncology, organ retrieval, HIV counseling, etc.).
    • Communicates effectively with hospital publics.
      • Demonstrates the ability to communicate tactfully with persons of varying educational and cultural backgrounds; maintains discretion and diplomacy.
      • Demonstrates the ability to maintain an ongoing rapport with other departmental supervisors; introduces self and promotes positive interpersonal relations.
      • Courteously introduces self to new Nursing Services employees and gives needed support on his or her shift.
      • Demonstrates effectiveness in giving timely, constructive help and advice to staff members who may be having difficulty communicating with a patient and/or patient's family.
      • Demonstrates a complete knowledge of the nursing and administrative hierarchical structure and chain of command; always follows proper lines of communication.
      • Ensures that appropriate reports are submitted for all medication errors and patient and employee incidents occurring during the assigned shift; informs unit Director and/or Administrator on call as the situation warrants.
      • Demonstrates tact and diplomacy when handling difficult or complaining patients and visitors.
      • Demonstrates a high level of mental and emotional tolerance and even temperament when dealing with people, uses tact, sensitivity, sound judgment, and a professional attitude when relating with patients, families and co-workers.
      • Demonstrates effectiveness in offering comfort and support to families in crises as required.
      • Ensures that calls are made with regard to any patient expiration, and supports staff and families.
      • Assists in coordinating discussions regarding organ donation with patients and respective family members as appropriate.
      • Accepts telephone calls and responds to inquiries form the media within the Guidelines of Cooperation with the Media, and in compliance with administrative policy OF-46.
    • Demonstrates effective leadership skills.
      • Recognizes unsafe acts or conditions and takes action immediately; reports the incident to the appropriate Director and completes a Variance Report.
      • Reviews and analyzes the facts of a current situation when developing a plan of action.
      • Consistently demonstrates the ability to recognize establish and deal with appropriate departmental priorities.
      • Demonstrates the ability to assist in training and developing Nursing Supervisors for new responsibilities and authority as departmental needs dictate.
      • Holds staff and self accountable for the delivery of quality nursing care.
      • Inspires confidence in patients, visitors, and other staff members by performing and communicating in a highly professional manner at all times.
      • Acts as an educational resource and is available for consultation to medical, nursing and administrative staff members as requested.
      • Supervises staff members in a firm, fair and consistent manner; maintains productivity through close observation and provides direction as necessary, leads by professional example.
      • Demonstrates an ability to identify and solve problems, uses initiative and good judgment, to reach quality decisions, and works with Directors to solve interpersonal conflicts and problems without the need to involve the V.P. Patient Care Services of other Administrative personnel.
      • Responds to others in a helpful manner, especially in times of increased patient activities or short staffing situations.
      • Demonstrates effectiveness in solving problems and grievances or channeling them to the appropriate authority as necessary.
      • Effectively makes independent decisions when there is no established policy or regulation to meet the situation or circumstances.
      • Encourages and supports Unit Directors decisions to maintain a clean, orderly, safe and quiet nursing unit and patient care environment.
      • Regularly makes unit rounds, maintains a high visibility to all nursing staff, and assists staff in problem areas as appropriate.
      • Demonstrates and promotes an awareness of patient dignity, and functions as a patient advocate and encourages staff persons to be aware of all patient rights.
    • Effectively interprets and implements established nursing, administrative, and human resource policies, procedures and regulations.
    • Effectively directs, supervises, and participates in the implementation of planned changes and activities to improve nursing services in collaboration with Nursing Administration.
    • Demonstrates effectiveness in responding to all code blue, code gray, CSI and RRT calls.
    • Limits personnel in the room to only number necessary for patient care.
    • Assists in ensuring that all employees of the nursing department understand their role in the event of a fire or internal/external disaster while on duty.
    • Reviews disaster, fire, and other regulatory agency requirements on an annual basis.
    • Assures that patient death procedures are appropriately followed (i.e., tissue/organ donation case number recorded, death record completed, funeral home notified to pick up body, etc.).
    • Notifies on call staff of need to respond to hospital for emergent OR and cath lab cases.
    • Coordinates scheduling of add-on OR cases.
    • Acts rapidly and effectively follows hospital policies and procedures, and utilizes principles of management in any emergency situation.
    • Acts as Employee Health contact during off hours for, triaging employee injuries for follow up with Employee Health or the emergency department, and follows up on all employee blood and body fluid exposures.
    • Effectively promotes harmonious inter/intra personal relationships.
      • Actively promotes and maintains harmonious and efficient interdepartmental relationships.
      • Regularly coordinates efforts of other health care team members involved in the care of patients and acts to resolve conflicts between nursing and other hospital staff members.
      • Maintains an excellent rapport with patients, physicians, and families.
    • Ascertains that equipment and supplies necessary for the operation of nursing departments are kept available.
      • Makes supplies and equipment from Central Supply available at all times.
      • Provides basis rehab equipment that may be needed during evening and night shifts.
      • Schedules OR cases prn after hours.
      • Basis knowledge of special diets that may be needed after dietary closes.
      • Refers situations beyond ability of job scope to proper person.
    • Participates in evaluation of self with Director per policy.
    • Willingly accepts and actively participates (75%) on nursing and Administrative committees, (100%) on required meetings.
    • Consistently advocates and functions within the guidelines of the State Nurse Practice Act and keeps current of the legal aspects of nursing.
    • Demonstrates a good judgment to present self in a professional manner. Actively participates in hospital functions.
    • Assumes responsibility for own professional development and personal growth through continuing education.
    • Demonstrates effective leadership by encouraging behaviors appropriate for the hospital, including such characteristics as good grooming, proper speech, and personal hygiene.
    • Effectively serves as a clinical resource person to staff members in their daily activities; current available resource material.
    • Address patients, visitors, families, and co-workers in a pleasant and respectful manner: display courtesy at all times.
    • Respond quickly and appropriately to inquiries and requests.
    • Assist co-workers without being asked.
    • Display an unhurried and caring manner with visitors, families, and co-workers when performing duties.
    • Maintain confidentiality of all patient-hospital or physician related information.  Refrain from gossip and speak in low tones in all appropriate areas.
    • Demonstrate a pleasing disposition and sensitivity to visitors', families, and co-workers' needs.
    • Below or at the accepted standard for unscheduled absences as outlined in HR8651.370.
    • Perform related assignments as requested in order to promote positive visitor, family, and co-worker relations.
      • Communicate, cooperate and perform related duties with other co-workers in your department and in other departments in a courteous and efficient manner to achieve overall hospital goals and objectives.
      • Greet all visitors, families, and co-workers, patients and physicians in a courteous, respectful and professional manner at all times.  Respond to all visitors, clients, families, and co-workers with empathy and positive interpersonal skills at all times.
      • Handle all requests with a positive attitude at the time the request is made.
      • Assume the responsibility for maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships with all those working or being cared for in the hospital, outpatient, or home setting.
      • Demonstrate a commitment to providing the highest and most reliable quality service available on a daily basis.
      • Strive for positive change in your work area.  Cooperate with team members in a constructive and supportive manner.
      • Be responsible for addressing inappropriate or unacceptable behavior on the part of a co-worker(s) in your department.
      • Demonstrate ethical conduct and practices.

  • Demonstrate Standards of Behavior and adhere to the Code of Conduct in all aspects of job performance at all times.
  • Required:
    • Graduate of an accredited school of nursing.
    • Current license for Registered Nursing in the State of Washington.
    • Three to five years experience in a hospital setting as a staff nurse.
    • Must be currently certified in CPR.
    • Must possess basic computer skills related to Windows navigation, mouse usage, keyboarding, email communication and password management.

  • Desired
    • BSN
    • One to two years in a supervisory/management position.

Resource RN:

Position Summary:
  • A clinically competent, registered, professional nurse who delivers care to patients through the nursing process of assessment, planning, intervention, implementation, and evaluation.  Effectively interacts with patients, significant others, and all other health care team members, while maintaining standards of professional nursing.  (Washington State Nurse Practice Act, WAC, ANA Code of Ethics).
Essential Functions:
    • Demonstrates communication and interactions in accordance to Confluence Health's Code of Conduct in all aspects of job performance.
    • Perform related assignments as requested in order to promote positive visitor, family, and co-worker relations.
    • Exhibits interpersonal skills and professionalism that promotes a positive work environment. 
    • Coordinates and provides high quality patient care in a caring and compassionate manor, utilizing the nursing process and unit specific standards of practice.
      • Accurately collects patient information needed to provide safe, high quality care. Completes holistic ongoing assessments of patient's status and responds appropriately.  
      • Develops, implements and continually reassesses patient's individualized plan of care.
      • Provides nursing care for patients including administration of medications, completion of nursing procedures and/or treatments.
      • Determines and completes appropriate nursing actions to meet care goals; including the physical, psychological, social and rehabilitative needs of the patient
      • Teaches patient/family and/or significant others appropriate health information in a timely manner and shares written informational material.
      • Continual evaluation of discharge plan for appropriateness, educational needs, and changes as needed.
      • Documents care provided, assessments, plan of care, interventions and responses accurately in the patient's medical record.
      • Demonstrates ability to handle emergency situations in a prompt, precise and professional manner.  
    • Actively maintains current knowledge base of workflows, process and evidence based procedures
    • Delegates appropriately and oversees care provided by non-licensed assistive personnel.
    • Participates in performance evaluation/improvement processes with Director/Clinical Manager. Assumes responsibility for own professional development and personal growth.
    • Consistently functions within the guidelines of the Washington Nurse Practice Act, unit specific standards of practice, and keeps current with the legal aspects of nursing.
    • Accurately and concisely processes and communicates information.
    • Communicates and collaborates with members of the healthcare team including physicians, patients and families to facilitate effective patient care and treatment. 
    • Maintain a safe and sanitary work environment.
      • Identifies patient by name and check's patient name band for correct identification.
      • Demonstrates correct and safe technique in the use of equipment according to specific product information, policy and procedure manuals.
      • Demonstrates a thorough knowledge of safety policies and procedures; knows/practices proper body mechanics.
      • Demonstrates knowledge of infection control and isolation procedures and policies.
      • Participates in hospital emergency and disaster drills, knows personal role in the event of a fire and other emergency codes while on duty.
    • Actively participates in quality improvement programs.
      • Demonstrates an ongoing awareness of and participation in quality improvement process.
      • Incorporates results obtained through the quality improvement process into practice to enhance performance.
      • Reports to director/clinical manager any suggestions or recommendations for changes within the departmental policies and procedures.
    • Adheres to Confluence Health and Wenatchee Valley Hospital or Central Washington Hospital policies and unit standards as applicable.
    • Other duties as assigned.

  • Demonstrate Standards of Behavior and adhere to the Code of Conduct in all aspects of job performance at all times.
  • Required:
    • Graduate of an accredited school of nursing (NLN standard).
    • Current licensure in the state of Washington (RCW 18.88).
    • Completion of formal hospital and unit-specific orientation program.
    • Must be currently certified in BLS, and recertified as required.
    • Must possess basic computer skills related to Windows navigation, mouse usage, keyboarding, email communication and password management.
    • Must reside in Confluence Health service area.

  • Desired
    • Previous experience using an electronic medical record.
    • Previous experience utilizing barcode scanning.

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