Nurse -Charge RN

Confluence Health

Wenatchee, WA

Central Washington Hospital

Labor & Delivery

Full Time; 3 - 12 hours shifts

Evening/Night Shift



***Please note: internal applicants only***

Position Summary:


A clinically competent, registered, professional nurse who delivers care to patients through the nursing process of assessment, planning, intervention, implementation, and evaluation. Effectively interacts with patient, significant others, and other health team members, while maintaining standards of professional nursing. (Washington State Nurse Practice Act, WAC, ANA Code of Ethics).

Essential Functions:


1.     Address patients, visitors, families, and co-workers in a pleasant and respectful manner: display courtesy at all times.

2.     Respond quickly and appropriately to inquiries and requests.

3.     Assist co-workers without prompting.

4.     Display an unhurried and caring manner with visitors, families, and co-workers when performing duties.

5.     Maintain confidentiality of all patient-hospital or physician related information. Refrain from gossip and speak in low tones in all appropriate areas.

6.     Demonstrate a pleasing disposition and sensitivity to visitors', families, and co-workers' needs.

7.     Below or at the accepted standard for unscheduled absences as outlined in HR8651.370. 

8.     Perform related assignments as requested in order to promote positive visitor, family, and co-worker relations.

·          Communicate, cooperate and perform related duties with other co-workers in your department and in other departments in a courteous and efficient manner to achieve overall hospital goals and objectives: hospital, departmental and unit-specific mission, vision and values.

·          Greet all visitors, families, and co-workers, patients and physicians in a courteous, respectful and professional manner at all times. Respond to all visitors, clients, families, and co-workers with empathy and positive interpersonal skills at all times.

·          Handle all requests with a positive attitude at the time the request is made.

·          Assume the responsibility for maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships with all those working or being cared for in the hospital, outpatient, or home setting.

·          Demonstrate a commitment to providing the highest and most reliable quality service available on a daily basis.

·          Strive for positive change in your work area. Cooperate with team members in a constructive and supportive manner.

·          Be responsible for addressing inappropriate or unacceptable behavior on the part of a co-worker(s) in your department; be aware of the progressive constructive disciplinary process.

·          Demonstrate ethical conduct and practices.

·          Maintains patient's rights. Document when withholding rights.

9.     Exhibits interpersonal skills and professionalism that promotes a positive functioning unit. Refers unresolved conflicts via chain of command.

·          Active participation in problem-solving all identified issues.

·          Follows through on problems that may compromise patient care by using the appropriate chain of command.

·          Assists with the orientation of nursing personnel to the unit.

·          Contributes to the educational experience of students assigned to the unit.

10.  Assumes responsibility for self-evaluation/self-improvement.

·          Annually participates in evaluation of self with unit clinical manager or director.

·          Has 100% attendance at mandatory in services, including, Annual required training, BLS certification, Safety, Employee Health requirements, OSHA, PPD test.

·          Attends 75% of all staff meetings and reads and signs all minutes of meetings not attended.

·          Consistently functions within the guidelines of the Washington Nurse Practice Act and Standards of Care and keeps current with the legal aspects of nursing.

11.  Coordinates patient care, utilizing the nursing process.

·          Utilizing Central Washington Hospital Standards of Nursing Practice, demonstrates appropriate age-specific assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of the patient's care.

·          Collects and documents the patient's health history. Completes admission data base and other assessment tools as defined by unit policy. Identifies stressors, coping skills, strengths, and areas of concern for patient improvement with the patient/family.

·          Assesses home environment and identifies discharge needs sending referrals as needed.

·          Gathers information and data from non-licensed assistive personnel to use in developing an individual plan of care for each patient.

·          Makes accurate and ongoing assessment of patient's status and responds appropriately.

·          Sets priorities for nursing action in a logical sequence according to patient's needs and formulates an appropriate plan of nursing care as defined by nursing policy.

·          Involves the patient and family in formulating daily goals. Goals will be written on the white boards, when available depending upon unit, in each patient room.

·          Writes realistic, measurable, and time bound goals that are consistent with the treatment plan and, whenever possible, are set with the patient and/or family.

·          Prescribes appropriate nursing actions to meet those goals and the physical, psychological, social and rehabilitative needs of the patient.

·          Performs ongoing assessment as defined by nursing policy and revises plan of care based on new data and patient's condition.

·          Documents accurate and ongoing assessment of patient's status. Documents review of progress with patient.

·          Documentation reflects nursing interventions and patient's response, patient's needs, problems, capabilities, limitations, and progress towards goals.

·          Documentation includes completion of the patient teaching record and patients preferred learning method(s). Understanding of these instructions is noted on the medical record and discharge summary sheet.

·          Teaches patient/family and/or significant others appropriate health information in a timely manner and shares written informational material.

·          Evaluates discharge plan daily for appropriateness, educational needs, and change as needed.

12.  Provides care for patients including, administration of medications and/or treatments.

·          Demonstrates necessary skills and knowledge to provide care for patients according to nursing policy, procedures, and standards of care and practice.

·          Demonstrates necessary skills and knowledge to provide care for patients according to general and unit-specific competencies.

·          Demonstrates ability to handle emergency situations in a prompt, precise and professional manner.

·          Demonstrates ability to delegate appropriately to non-licensed assistive personnel.

·          Compassionately gives personal patient care to provide comfort and well-being to the patient, acknowledging physiological and psychosocial needs.

·          Administers medications and IVs according to nursing policy and procedure.

·          Observes and documents patient's response to pertinent medications.

·          Demonstrates ability and appropriate technical skills when administering treatments and procedures in accordance with physician's orders, and nursing policy and procedure. (Done in a timely manner).

·          Notes and enters orders per nursing policy.

·          Assures verbal & telephone orders follow hospital policy.

13.  Accurately and concisely processes information.

·          Gives a thorough, concise report at change of shift utilizing approved shift report format and bedside safety check.

·          Communicates appropriate information to unit charge person in a timely manner, including what work is in progress.

·          Communicates appropriate information to physicians and other health team members in a timely manner.

·          Demonstrates accurate and timely documentation per guidelines.

·          Accurately transcribes physician orders in electronic medical record according to nursing policy and procedure. Performs order checks at end of shift/24 hours.

·          Accurately charges for patient supplies.

14.  Maintain a safe and sanitary work environment.

·          Maintains a clean, neat, and safe environment for patient and staff according to hospital and unit policies.

·          Insures that supplies and equipment necessary for patient care are stored in an organized and efficient manner.

·          Demonstrates correct and safe technique in the use of equipment according to specific product information and policy and procedure manuals.

·          Follows appropriate procedure for obtaining and returning or cleaning/disposing of equipment and supplies.

·          Immediately removes and sends broken/malfunctioning equipment to Engineering or BioMed Department. Equipment will be labeled with the approved form completed including statement of the problem. Sends work order via iCentral to Engineering or BioMed whichever is appropriate. Place copy of work order on equipment and in Clinician or Clinical Managers box.

·          Maintains universal precautions at all times.

15.  Collaborates with hospital personnel and physicians.

·          Communicates with physicians effectively on a daily basis, patient needs, nursing assessments, and recommendations.

·          Collaborates with other nurses and health team members to develop an appropriate plan of care designating who is responsible for each piece of the plan.

·          Participates in Interdisciplinary Rounds on a daily basis. Is prepared to discuss appropriate items as outlined in unit specific rounds.

16.  Actively participates in unit-based quality improvement program.

·          Demonstrates an ongoing awareness of, and participation in the unit-based quality improvement program.

·          Recognizes and strives to do the right thing the first time, on time, every time.

·          Demonstrates ability to continuously look for ways to improve patient care.

·          Participates in identifying opportunities for improvement and assists in developing new innovations.

·          Supports the hospital quality goals.

17.  Adheres to Hospital/Nursing policy.

·          Complies with hospital attendance and dependability policy.

·          Does not incur excessive overtime. (Exception: working extra shifts when requested to do so).

·          Dresses according to Central Washington Hospital's Dress Code policy, specifically the nursing-specific Dress Code policy. Is conscientious in regard to personal hygiene.

·          Complies with specific hospital and departmental policies concerning safety and/or disaster plans.

·          Complies with specific hospital policy and procedure concerning infection control, variance, and injury reporting.

18.  Other duties as assigned.

Demonstrate Standards of Behavior and adhere to the Code of Conduct in all aspects of job performance at all times.




    • Graduate of an accredited school of nursing (NLN standard).
    • Current licensure in the state of Washington (RCW 18.88).
    • Completion of formal hospital and unit-specific orientation program.
    • Must be currently certified in BLS, and recertified annually.
    • Must possess basic computer skills related to Windows navigation, mouse usage, keyboarding, email communication and password management.

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