We’re here to support you.

HealthcareSource is committed to helping our clients and healthcare organizations across the nation in the fight against Coronavirus. Over the last few months, our team has worked diligently to provide valuable resources to support you during this crisis.  

We have created this information hub as a one-stop shop for all Coronavirus-related solutions and materials we have built. This page will be updated as additional materials become available. Thank you for all that you do. 

Michael Grossi, CEO

Enroll in 45+ complimentary pandemic planning & infection control courses offered by HealthcareSource and our partners. 

Understand how COVID-19 has impacted senior care recruiting and learn how to improve your hiring strategy today.

Coronavirus webinar on hiring and recruiting for senior care

A data-led peer discussion on evolving your recruiting strategy for success during & after a pandemic.

A discussion on recruiting strategies, tactics and tools to help you hire through and beyond the COVID-19 crisis. 

Hear from your talent acquisition peers on how they're tackling COVID-19 recruiting challenges a few months in.

Gain actionable advice on how to drive recruiting results today while preparing for hiring post-pandemic.

Standard job postings are free through October 2020 to help you mitigate staffing shortages exacerbated by Coronavirus.

A $5 course on common PPE pitfalls and proper PPE usage to help reduce the risk of unknowingly spreading Coronavirus.

HealthcareSource thought leaders share their perspectives on various Coronavirus-related HR & hiring topics.

Virtual interviews are in demand due to Coronavirus, but here to stay. Learn how we can help.