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Location: Whitefield PO
Shift: Day shift Full-time
Job Details: - CPR Required
  • Position Summary
    • The Office Team Leader is a registered nurse. He/she will work full time and is responsible for coordinating the functions of an assigned area, including one or more physician practices; the team leader also works as a member of the clinical team and is responsible for utilizing the Nursing Process to ensure that quality care is provided to adult and pediatric patients. The Team Leader is also responsible for optimizing work flow and improving efficiency as well as overseeing clinical issues and ensuring day-to-day functions within the team are well maintained.
  • Qualifications
    • Professional:
      • Graduate from an accredited School of Nursing.
      • Current NH Nursing License (RN).
      • BLS certification / ACLS certification preferred.
      • Knowledge of new trends and techniques in nursing.
      • Basic computer skills.
    • Personal:
      • Maintains good physical and emotion well being.
      • Excellent communication, organizational, and problem solving skills.
      • Possesses personal qualities such as kindness, understanding, respect, good judgement, and integrity, a sense of humor, enthusiasm, and ability to relate effectively to patients, families, and other members of the Physicians’ Office Team.
      • Recognize the importance of being a good role model for other staff.
  • Essential Functions of the Job
    • Work with clinical/clerical team to meet the needs of the patients under the direction of the provider (call in prescriptions, make appointment for office visit if indicated).
    • Review mail, test results, etc. for providers of the team. Forward for action per protocols.
    • Function as part of the nursing staff for patients, including work in the nurse clinic for patients who need services (i.e. dressing changes, injections, BP checks, etc.)
    • Assist team members with patient communication (both written and verbal).
    • Work with team members to provide timely appointments for patients.
    • Communicate effectively to patients, their families, and other health care professionals.
    • Refer patients for case management services, if needed.
    • Assist clinical staff with clinical concerns, keeping the Physician Office Operations Manager informed of issues.
    • Meet standards, skills, and competencies of physician’s office nurse.
    • Ensure daily temperature log maintained of vaccines.
    • Work with the Physicians Office Operations Manager to ensure that ordering and delivery of supplies are maintained in an efficient manner.
    • Ensure exam and treatment rooms are appropriately stocked.
    • Work with the Operations Manager to ensure adequate staffing for the team.
    • Hold monthly meetings with all staff assigned to his/her team to review practice operations.
    • Meet regularly with provider staff assigned to the team.
    • Responsible for orientation of new and float employees assigned to the team.
    • Triage Nurse
      • Receive incoming call from patient’s, families, responsible parties
      • Begin a telephone encounter in eCW on all incoming calls
      • Process the call utilizing SBAR process
        • S - Situation: What is happening at the present time?
        • B - Background: What are the circumstances leading up to this situation?
        • A - Assessment: What do I think the problem is?
        • R - Recommendation: What should we do to correct the problem?
      • Follow established protocols as developed for specific situations (ex. refills, certain diagnoses, request for test results, etc)
    • Perform all other duties as assigned.

Job Code: 62271202
Posted: Jan-25-2013
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