Central Monitoring

Full time


7P-7A with EOW

Performs cardiac monitoring by continuously observing monitor screen for proper wave form on each telemetry patient in order to prevent loss of signal and ensure accurate capture of potential cardiac events.  Performs EKG Interpretation by analyzing and recording arterial and ventricular rates and rhythms. Measures EKG waveforms using accepted standards and guidelines. These results provide the current data required to determine appropriate treatment of arrhythmias and immediate intervention of life threatening situations.  Demonstrates teamwork by communicating effectively and working cooperatively with others to optimize job performance and foster productive working relationships.  Processes all EKGs performed within the hospital in order to facilitate quality test results and optimal patient care.  Evaluates all EKGs performed on patients in order to ensure quality tracings are collected and reported.  Performs all Holter Monitoring Testing on patients in order to provide essential test results for physician interpretation and to ensure quality patient care.

Qualifications:  High school diploma or equivalent required.  BCLS required within the first 6 months of employment.  One year of telemetry experience preferred.  EKG monitoring experience preferred. 


Pay Grade 10