10AM-7PM & Every other wknd

This position is part of the EAMC Staffing Registry, our in-house temporary staffing service.  The Staffing Registry is designed to provide staff that can be used on a temporary basis to fill staffing needs.  Once training is complete, assignments may vary in length.  May be considered for full or part time positions when jobs become available.


Nutrition & Food Services - Dietary 

Handles foods safely throughout the flow of food. Prepares, portions and serves the right-sized portions of good quality quick breads and basic desserts in sufficient quantities to meet assigned service schedules for patient and other customer meals, to keep assigned areas organized and safe; to minimize risk of cross-contamination; to reduce the possibility of food-borne illnesses; and to meet or exceed regulatory guidelines. Keeps food safe by practicing good personal hygiene and health habits; maintaining time and temperature control of food; cleaning and sanitizing food contact surfaces; keeping assigned areas clean and organized; and contributing to the success of internal and external surveys. Treats NFS resources responsibly and performs other duties as assigned. Delivers and retrieves snacks and meal trays to and from patients in rooms and other areas as specified within the Medical Center; while observing required infection control precautions and protocols. Snack and meal tray deliveries are tracked in the VIP system and for used for productivity measurement.



Physical Activity Requirements

·           Continuous Standing & Walking

·           Lifting - Floor to waist level 15 lbs.

·           Lifting & Carrying objects - Waist level and above 10 lbs.

·           Pushing/Pulling, Twisting, Bending, Reaching forward & overhead

·           Wrist position deviation, Pinching/fine motor activities

·           Must be able to push pull 100 -125lbs


Candidate must successfully pass trainability testing offered through EAMC which includes one day of unpaid orientation and one day of unpaid on the job training.