The Aroostook Medical Center

Nutrition Service ARG

Regular Part-time


7:30am -4pm


Contact: Gina Ritchie
Email: gritchie@emhs.org



The Lead Clinical Dietitian will provide nutrition care to patients, residents and people in the community, in addition to supervise the Clinical Dietitians and oversee the clinical tasks of the Nutrition Services department.  The Lead Clinical Dietitian works with other health care professionals in improving the nutritional status of patients/residents/clients.





01. Adheres to departmental and organizational policies and procedures for management

of supplies and services.

02. Oversees the clinical tasks of the Nutrition Services department

03. Oversees the tasks of the Clinical Dietitians

04. Acts as preceptor of the UMO Dietetic internship program for the clinical portion.

05. Participates in the evaluation of the Clinical Dietitians

06. Oversees the clinical tasks of the Clinical Nutrition Aides at ARG and the CDMs at the

Aroostook Health Center.

07. Participates in meetings and committees as requested and appropriate.

08. Participates in developing departmental goals and objectives.

09. Provides direct patient care to inpatients, outpatients, and residents with eating

disorders, genetic disorders, diabetes and renal disease.

10. Develops, implements, and evaluates nutrition related training programs for staff,

patients and community.

11. Provides age-appropriate care to infants, children, adolescents, adults, and geriatric


12. Maintains effective relationships with medical, nursing staffs and other patient care

services conferring with them regarding technical and administrative aspects of Nutrition


13. Acts as liaison for the departmental Performance Improvement program.

14. Prepares departmental reports as directed.

15. Counsels patients and/or families on nutrition principles and modified diets.

16. Performs nutritional consultation services for AHC and dialysis.

17. Ensures the department is in compliance with all applicable Federal, State, Local, and Joint Commission regulations and requirements.

18. Performs nutrition contract services as directed.

19. Participates in DSMT Program utilizing the DSMT Program Manual

20. Maintain a safe environment for healthcare workers, patients, and/or visitors complying with NLH policies and procedures; review, document and address all incidents and safety violations within area of responsibility; report all lost time due to reported work injuries within 24 hours to local HR BP or Safety contact; support and facilitate open and non-punitive communication among NLH employees, non-employed healthcare workers, patients and visitors, reporting and addressing patient and environmental safety concerns.





Must currently have or be eligible to have:

1.   Registered Dietitian license

2.   Licensed Dietitian in the State of Maine





Usual working hours are from 0730 till 1600 Monday to Friday, with some occasional need for evening class/group session and very rarely weekend hours for health fairs. 





1.      Experience in acute care and outpatient settings.

2.      Experience in long-term care, renal nutrition, diabetes and eating disorders.

3.      Experience in teaching for both individuals and groups.

4.      Experience in supervision is an asset.





1.      Ability to assist in developing and maintaining departmental policies and procedures.

2.      Ability to communicate effectively in both verbal and written form using legible English.

3.      Requires working knowledge of computers.

4.      Ability to maintain a good rapport with others, including members of the health care team, physicians and businesses.

5.      Ability to organize and prioritize work.

6.      Ability to propose/improve care and services.

7.      Ability to supervise and keep employees accountable for their tasks.





1.   Sitting – 60% of shift

2.   Standing/Walking – 40% of shift

3.   Lifting – must be able to lift up to 25 pounds using proper body mechanics

4.   Twisting/Bending/Squatting – minimal

5.   Hands/Arms/Wrist – requires good range of motion

6.   Manual dexterity –fine motor skills required

7.   Vision – visual acuity required

8.   Hearing – accurate hearing required

9.   Speech – must speak English clearly






1.  Problem-Solving Skills.  Frequent problem-solving skills required.

2.  Judgment/Assessment. Continuously assesses situations and determines corrective actions needed.

3.  Reading/Comprehension. Must be able to read and comprehend greater than Grade 12 level of instructions.

4.  Math/Arithmetic. Must be able to add, subtract, multiply, divide, perform fractions, and calculate percentages.





1.  Composure Under Working Conditions (including demanding, and/or rude, residents/staff/visitors).  Must remain calm and exercise self-control in working relationships with patients, staff, and visitors.

2.  Coping Skills for Stresses Associated with Illness, Disability, Dying and/or Death.   Works directly with persons who are or may become ill, disabled, or dying on a regular basis, must possess skills to cope with stresses associated with illness, disability, dying, and death.





1.  Willingness to work cooperatively is necessary.

2.  Strong public relations and customer satisfaction motivation.

Equal Opportunity Employment

We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, age, disability status, gender, sexual orientation, ancestry, protected veteran status, national origin, genetic information or any other legally protected status.