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GENERAL DESCRIPTION/STATEMENT:  A Transport Medicine paramedic is a staff paramedic who has received specialized training to meet the needs of critical patients, both in-house patients and patients being transported (by air or by ground) to a tertiary care center. This person must be adequately prepared by experience and training to care for cases ranging in acuity from non-urgent to life-threatening and from minor injuries to major trauma.  S/he must demonstrate an ability to cope with extreme emergent situations while remaining calm and demonstrate recognition of the value and dignity of the individual without regard to the nature of the illness/injury or the circumstances leading to it. The Transport Medicine Paramedic is part of a team, providing a service that may be needed at any given moment. The primary function will include arranging and performing critical care interfacility transfers as part of a Nurse- Paramedic team. The CCT paramedic schedule will include rotations on a 911 ambulance.





1. Be able to respond to multiple emergent requests for ground transport of patients.

2. Be able to effectively screen non-emergency requests for transport according to medical


3. Professionally and effectively respond to requests from the public, staff, and other A.R.

Gould departments.

4. Be able to effectively conduct the operation of the service in the absence of Medical

Transport & Emergency Care leadership.

5. Have the ability to direct E-911 calls to the appropriate unit for response, while

maintaining operational readiness in the event of the multiple simultaneous calls.

6. Maintain appropriate patient assessment and intervention skills.

7. Record daily log of events.

8. Filing and distributing of run forms.

9. Assist with hospital duties including ultrasound IV initiation.

10. Be a member of the rapid response and code teams.

11. Perform critical care interfacility transports.  

12. Assist in the stabilization of critically injured patients in the hospital setting.

13. Assist hospital physician's in performance of advanced skills (such as RSI), as directed

and as needed, under direct supervision.



1.      Willingness to work cooperatively is necessary.

2.      Strong public relations and customer satisfaction motivation.


OTHER RESPONSIBILITIES:  Employees must pass a physical agility test, urine drug screen, and criminal/driving back-ground check at hire and must report any motor vehicle violations to their supervisor and Maine EMS.


LICENSE REQUIREMENTS:  Maine EMS Paramedic license/ license eligible. Valid motor vehicle driver's license or ability to obtain within 12 months


AVAILABILITY REQUIREMENTS: The CCT paramedic will be based in the hospital for 12 hour shifts and will be part of the ambulance staff rotation. Must be willing to work nights, weekends, and holidays, as part of the staff rotation. Will be expected to fill on-call hours equal to the scheduled work hours. Must work a minimum of 24 hours per month to maintain competency and attend 75% of monthly QA/QI chart review meetings.  




·         BLS is required within the first week of employment. Employees must maintain CPR Certification throughout employment when in a clinical position.

·         ACLS is required prior to successful completion of orientation and current certification must be maintained while in this position. (For Union RN positions, the specification will also note a 6-month grace period for recertification per contract)

·         PALS is required prior to successful completion of orientation and current certification must be maintained while in this position.

·         De-escalation and workplace violence training will be completed at hire prior to release from orientation. Employees must complete the required Management of Aggressive Behavior (MOAB) program within 6 months of hire and maintain current certification throughout their employment in the high or moderate risk role.

·         Current PHTLS certification or equivalent trauma care training within 6 months of hire.

·         Current CCEMTP- Adult certification or equivalent approved critical care transport training within 6 months of hire

·         High school diploma or equivalent. Associate degree preferred.

·         Successful completion of current Department of Transportation Emergency Medical Technician Course at the Paramedic Level or through completion of any other course approved by Maine Office of Emergency Medical Services allowing licensure as an EMT-Paramedic preferred.

·         Approved critical care transport certification within 6 months of hire/ Other specialty certification equivalents will be considered.

·         Evidence of competence through animal lab or hospital-based supervised clinical experience in the following cognitive or psychomotor skills by the completion of the orientation period:

·         Needle decompression

·         Retrograde intubation/Melker catheter insertion

·         Transport mechanical ventilator and IV pump operation

·         Management of Swan and arterial lines

·         Chest radiograph gross interpretation to confirm ETT, Swan, NG, placement

·         Advanced vascular access skills such as intra-osseous

·         Advanced airway (assessment, sedation, King Airway Device, RSI)

·         Other skills required by accreditation agencies

·         Skilled in the care of emergency/critical patients preferred

·         Skilled in the use of routine emergency/critical care equipment preferred 

·         Good interpersonal skills and adherence to the Standards of Behavior are essential.

·         Prefer: Minimum 1-year experience as a CCT paramedic, or 3 years working at the ALS level. 



Participation in physical agility testing is a requirement on hire to assure that the physical demands can be met.


Critical Care Paramedics are expected to work as part of the RN/ Paramedic flight team. FAA requirements require that pilots meet maximum weight limits for the flight crew, patient, and equipment. Weight restrictions therefore apply to this position. Flight paramedics are not permitted to exceed 250 pounds


1.   Sitting.  4-7 hours/day.

2.   Standing.  1-3 hours/day.

3.   Walking.  1-3 hours/day

4.   Lifting. 125      lbs with good body mechanics.

5.   Twisting.  Frequently, 500-1000 or greater twists/day.

6.   Bending.  130-480 bends hours/day.

7.   Squatting/Kneeling.  1-3 hours/day.

8.   Endurance.  Moderate energy requirements.

9.   Wrist Position. Extensive deviation.

10. Pinching.  Frequent, 500-1000 pinches per day.

11. Hand/Wrist Repetitions.   3000-48000/day or more.

12. Manual Dexterity.  Frequent fine motor skills required.

13. Either Handedness.  70%- 100% of job cycle time.

14. Both Handedness.  70%-100% of job cycle time.

15. Sight.  Requires corrected 20/20 near vision and minimal far vision.

16. Hearing.  Can hear whispered voice at eight (8) feet (FAA class II).

17. Speech.  Frequent clear speaking ability required.

18. Exposure to Infection.  Minimal.




1.   High/Low Temperature.  Work environment 70 - 80?F.

2.   Noise.  Slight, occasionally fairly loud sounds.

3.   Working with Others.  Close association is frequent and compromises a major portion of the job.

4.  Confined Spaces or Cramped Body Positions.Work in cramped positions/confined spaces (     hours per week).

5.   Body Injuries.  Slight likelihood of significant traumatic injury - deep cuts, fractures or permanent disabling injuries.

6.   Moving Objects.  Slight likelihood of significant injury from moving objects.

7.   Toxic Conditions.  Slight likelihood of exposure to toxic conditions.

8.   Working with Others.  Great, association is frequent and comprises a major portion of the job.

9.   Role Ambiguity.  Slight, rarely is it not clear what others expect of the worker.




1.   Problem-Solving Skills.  Frequent problem-solving skills required.

2.   Judgment/Assessment. Continuously assesses situations and determines corrective actions needed.

3.   Supervision. Supervises individuals and must perform functions involved with supervi­sion of employees in the particular department.

4.   Reading/Comprehension. Must be able to read and comprehend greater than Grade       level of instructions.

5.   Math/Arithmetic. Must be able to add, subtract, multiply, divide, perform fractions, and calculate percentages.




1.  Composure Under Working Conditions (including demanding, and/or rude, resi­dents/staff/visitors).  Must remain calm and exercise self-control in working relation­ships with patients, staff, and visitors.

2.  Coping Skills for Stresses Associated with Illness, Disability, Dying and/or Death.   Works directly with persons who are or may become ill, disabled, or dying on a regular basis; may be present at the death bed and have to care for the body of the deceased; must possess skills to cope with stresses associated with illness, disability, dying, and death.

Equal Opportunity Employment

We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, age, disability status, gender, sexual orientation, ancestry, protected veteran status, national origin, genetic information or any other legally protected status.